My Husband and I Don’t Laugh Together

Almost everyone is born with a sense of humor. It just takes a bit of effort to tickle the right bone.  However, what is funny to you may not be humorous to your spouse. Sharing a sense of humor with your husband shows that there is a deeper understanding of your values. 

Laughter brightens up your space and your mood. Even if you are not light-hearted, it is essential to incorporate some laughter into your day. Laughing with your husband helps grow your love.  You are likely to love your spouse more if you make laughter part of your life.

Why Is There No Humor Between You and Your Husband?

If your partner is not amused at your jokes, it may be that you have not yet cracked what makes your husband laugh. However, the lack of humor in your marriage can be a sign of a more serious problem.  Sometimes,   the absence of affection or desire in your spouse can steal laughter from your marriage.

You will not laugh together if you have lost affection for your spouse. You may refrain from cracking a joke if your companion shows no delight in being in your company. However, it can also be that you and your husband may not be on the same page when it comes to humor. 

How to Bring Laughter in Your Marriage

It helps to talk about what makes both of you laugh. Not knowing what amuses your spouse may contribute to your humorless union. It is crucial to find the perfect choice of jokes your husband loves. 

Humor is one of the many things that make a marriage successful. Laughter helps you develop a deeper connection with your spouse, and it affirms your romantic bond. The ability to make your spouse laugh can make an overwhelming situation more bearable. A light joke can easily loosen up the tension.

Sometimes, you may have to try various jokes to find which one makes your spouse laugh. Some of the simple ways to help you and your husband laugh together include; watching comedy, narrating a funny incident, and acting silly on purpose.

Watching Comedy

Your husband may not be humorous.  Even so, once in a while, you can go out to the theatre to watch a comedy show. You may realize how relaxing and fun it is to watch the show together.

If you are too busy and running tight schedules, you can still watch a funny show from the comfort of your home on your TV or Smartphone.  You may not like the same humor as your partner. However, over time, you will find something that you both can laugh about together.

Narrate a Funny Scene

Crack your husband’s ribs by narrating a funny clip you watched or some joke that happened at your office. 

Constantly talking to your husband improves your relationship, and adding to it a sense of humor makes it even better. Find out what tickles your husband and share the jokes whenever you are alone in the car, kitchen, or out for a walk. 

Act Silly on Purpose

Surprise your husband with a silly dance in ridiculous attire, or make funny body gestures.  Acting silly does not take much effort, but the laughter is rewarding.

However, not everyone has the gift of acting, but you can practice a simple funny gesture just for your husband. Let your husband know that you invested your time in the silly act to help make your evening filled with laughter.

When to Seek Help

It is worrisome if your husband laughs with other people but refrains from being humorous with you. It is worth looking into if nothing you say or do amuses your spouse. This selective response can indicate the presence of an underlying problem.

It is wise to seek expert advice if your husband never laughs with you or with other people.  A professional can help you understand your companion’s unusual behavior.


The absence of humor in your marriage can make it dull and boring.  Your romantic life can negatively be affected if you and your husband don’t laugh together. Sometimes, the lack of laughter between you and your husband can be a sign of an underlying toxic problem.

Humor is a key ingredient to a passionate relationship, and it has a way of easing tension between couples. Your sense of humor can also strengthen your bond and improve your communication. An argument or uncomfortable moment between you and your husband can be eased by sharing a light joke.