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My Grandchildren Are Out of Control!

As a grandparent, trying to care for your grandchildren presents its own set of issues. While you may want to spoil your grandchildren, you may find yourself trying to parent them if they misbehave.

Grandparents are often unsure if they should even discipline their grandkids. However, allowing bad behavior to continue isn’t healthy for the child.

Are you even allowed to discipline your grandchildren?

When children are out of control, it makes sense to want to discipline them. Whether they are running wild or ignoring you, trying to be the doting grandma or grandpa in this situation is hard. Many grandparents feel as though it isn’t their job to discipline their grandchildren’s behavior.

In many situations, what may seem like acceptable behavior to a parent may be disrespectful to the grandparents. Despite wanting to correct your grandkids when they act out, you may not feel as though you should. If you believe your grandchildren are out of control, it’s important to voice your concerns with their parents.

Speak to what behavior you find offensive. Often, children may act differently when they aren’t around their parents. If the parents aren’t around, work within their guidelines for discipline until you can discuss these behavioral issues with them.

How do I talk to my child about my grandchildren’s bad behavior?

Grandparents often expect their grandchildren to behave like little angels. While this is often true when the children are very young, this behavior can change over time. As they grow up, it is common for grandchildren to act out when they’re out of their parents’ presence.

If your views on punishment and respectful behavior differ from your children’s, tell them. Grandparents and parents alike must model positive behavior to their children. Having varying views about proper etiquette can make spending time together difficult.

Speak to your children about your concerns and any behavioral problems you’d like to address. Remember, there are multiple ways to approach parenting. While you may believe your way is the best, be open to what your children have to say.

As you aim to be a loving grandparent, remember to leave room for your children to grow as parents as well. As you discuss your grandchildren’s behavior with their parents, be open to compromises. Children thrive in a healthy environment. Make sure that your differences in parenting don’t create an unstable atmosphere for your grandchildren.

What kind of discipline is okay with out of control grandchildren?

While some grandparents may not be comfortable disciplining their grandchildren, it is an option. After speaking with their parents, consider using respectful discipline they agree with.

If your grandchild is behaving badly and they aren’t listening to their parent’s rules, consider letting everyone have a cooling-off period. Before doling out your punishment, give your grandchild a timeout. This should be enough to help them settle down without overstepping your boundaries.

Make sure your grandchild understands that when they are in your care, you are the authority figure. While they should view you as a grandparent, they still need to respect your rules.

What discipline should I avoid with grandkids?

At times, the difference in generations between parents and grandparents can lead to potential punishment problems. Regardless of the situation, always remember to discipline your grandchild respectfully.

Never yell, pinch, hit, or name call when disciplining your grandchild. In your attempts to improve your grandchild’s behavior, try to show them what they’re doing wrong. The goal is to guide your grandchild toward the right behavior by telling them when they’re misbehaving.

While it may take some time for you and your child to get on the same page, be patient. Just as your relationship with your grandchild is still developing, so are your child’s parenting skills.

Loving your grandchildren means ensuring they are properly disciplined. Make sure your grandchildren grow into respectful adults by making sure they get the discipline they need.

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