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My Childhood Friend Doesn’t Remember Me

    Sometimes you can part ways with your childhood friend for years, to the extent that he or she may not remember you when you meet again. It is possible because people change not just their physical appearance but their lifestyle too. So, you may not be able to recognize the person you once considered a childhood friend.

    You may be asking yourself if it is actually possible for someone you considered a childhood friend not to remember you? And what will make that person not remember you? Keep reading the post to learn more about the topic.

    Can an Old Childhood Friend Forget You?

    A childhood friend may not remember you, especially if you parted ways when you were still young. If you haven’t been in touch for long, a friend can easily forget you. As said earlier, people change even in appearance to the extent that you may not be able to recognize them.

    Also, if you connect on social media such as Facebook, it may be hard to remember someone because they may be using a different name. And since they may have changed their looks, it can be hard to remember a person.

    Is It Normal or Your Friend Is Pretending?

    Not remembering a friend is normal, especially if you have not been in contact with each other for a long time. Note that when a person goes away, he or she meets new people and makes new friends. So, all that individual remembers are the new baddies. Unless one refreshes the memory, the brain may find it hard to reconnect.

    Sometimes one may do it deliberately. A childhood friend may pretend that he or she doesn’t remember you simply because he or she has moved on and wanted nothing to do with you. So, while it is normal for a friend not to remember you, he or she may also be pretending to keep you away.

    Approaching an Old Childhood Friend Who Doesn’t Remember You

    Sometimes approaching someone who doesn’t seem to remember you can be a frustrating experience. You will always be a stranger to that person. Since reaching out to that friend in person may be a bit embarrassing or unsettling, you can opt to use a social media platform to reconnect.

    So, many people are on almost every social media platform where they connect with friends. For instance, Facebook is one place where people connect and make new friends. It could be the right place to refresh your friend’s memory. 

    You can reach out to that person by sending a friend request. You can also send him or her a message through a messenger and wait for a response. Chances of that person responding are high because this is where most people connect.  

    Tip for Reconnecting with a Friend Who Doesn’t Seem to Remember

    If you are trying to connect with a childhood friend through a social media platform, you should do it appropriately. Remember that this is a person who doesn’t remember you, and you don’t want to make that person have a creepy feeling.

    You can send the person a friend request. Say hi and tell that person that it has been a long time. This kind of message may provoke a conversation, and you will be able to refresh each other’s memory.  It will then be easy to reconnect.

    When to Let Things Be

    Sometimes, you may try all tricks to reunite with a friend who doesn’t seem to remember you, but all will be in vain. At this point, you may all together let it go and continue with your life. Sometimes a friend may pretend not to remember you because they want nothing to do with you. He or she expects that since he or she moved on, you should also do the same. So, it may not be that you are not in his or her memory, but it is only that your friend wants nothing to do with you.


    Sometimes you may feel hurt or betrayed when a friend you once shared everything with when you were growing up doesn’t remember you. However, you don’t have to feel disappointed. Your friend may have a hard time remembering you for a number of reasons. All you should do is to find an appropriate way to try and reconnect without reproach.

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