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My Child Thinks I’m Going to Die

    What goes through your mind if your little one keeps getting upset, frustrated, and thinking you will die? You are not ill; neither have they witnessed a death within or away from the family, but they are still fully convinced that soon you will be history. It is not strange as most children at some stage in their lives have this foreboding fear that either they or you will die. Their deep love for you makes them think the worst.

    The most important thing is to be fully available, comforting, but reassuring more than anything else. Usually, you are the only person they look up to, and it is why they are addressing their profound fears to you. Your composure and willingness to listen to their worries put everything on the back burner. Again, if your child believes that you are dying soon, do not ignore them. Instead, talk to them, and have an in-depth conversation about their fears concerning death. Showing them that you hear and understand their point of view helps. Here is the extra support you can offer your child at this point.

    Take Charge and Exercise Complete Calm 

    Once your child brings the subject about your impending death, never show them that you, too, are scared. Instead, be the adult, and handle the matter as any authoritative individual would. For example, stop whatever you are doing, at this juncture, and sit down with your little one, while listening to every word they have to say. Demonstrate to them that their fears are your concern, and you are there for them every step of the way.

    Never Sugarcoat Facts About Death

    Let your child know the realities of death. It means you affirm the hard truth but empathetically. You can share with them about the certainty of the human and even plant cycle and let them know that death must occur at one point in each existence. Being frank and open about the biological truth about life reassures them and eliminates all the fear. Again, as hard as it is to tell them about the real hard facts, the result is that they can now trust you fully and face life as is.

    Express Gratitude About Life

    Besides informing your child that you are not dying now, always teach them about how blessed each of you is to experience another new day in your lives. You can also express gratitude by doing things you all like. It includes appreciating life wholesomely. Teach them to regard pets, other people, trees, water mass, and even insects. You can encourage them to paint or sing or write, through which they can express love and gratefulness for all living things. You can also express the thankfulness that they are alive while also encouraging them to appreciate everything right in their daily lives. By doing so, you draw your child from focusing on fear. Instead, they can start to concentrate more on the living and the good things in life.

    Encourage Healthy Lifestyles for Everyone

    One of the things you should always explain to your child is the importance of healthy living that is also critical for a longer lifespan. It means that all of you take deliberate steps to do things that promote healthy bodies. You can plan routine naps and proper nutritious meals. Schedule in playtime, snuggling, and even time in the outdoors. It is a wholesome lifestyle that takes care of the physical and the emotional, too.

    Embrace Honesty and Positivity 

    Now that your child’s greatest fear is that you are dying, let them know that that is not the case. Promise them that you are going to be with them, alive for many years to come. You can then start making long term plans with them, and this assures them that you will be around to take care of business. Is your child asking about the afterlife, and what happens once someone dies? Then bring in only positive vibes. Of course, you do not want to exacerbate their fear with hell and ghost stories, or do you? You can only talk about the positive things such as once someone dies, they remain in their loved one’s memories.

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