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My Child Thinks I’m Boring

    As kids grow, their preferences also change. You will find that some of the things you were doing together no longer excite them. Kids do not know how to sugarcoat things. They will always tell you as it is. This mostly happens when your child is five or six years and above.

    At this age, kids develop a significant amount of social awareness. They no longer need to be bathed. Their friends also change, and they are interested in a whole lot of different activities. This age is crucial in shaping your kid; thus, parents tend to be a little strict when their kids at this age. In this case, your child will think you are annoying.

    Why Your Child Thinks You Are Boring

    We are in a digital age, and kids are smart. Kids are sharp and fast in using smart devices. The fact that you are slow or do not know who to use some applications will lead to the notion that you are boring.

    Some parents quit their jobs to take care of their kids. The parent will be there for every milestone of their child’s life; their first dada, mama, the first day they crawl or walk. By default, as a parent, you will always want to be around your child. And the byproduct of being present all time is that I’m you’re a boring and uncool parent. Although your child thinks you’re boring, he/she still loves you.

    Suppose your child tells you everything about their day and themselves. As they get older, they start withdrawing. Since this was a habit, you are always looking forward to that moment. The moment they are home, you want them to tattletale everything. However, your child may want to keep something to themselves, and since they can’t tell you off. Your child will opt to say, ah! You are boring.

    Why would your child tell you you’re boring?

    To Make You Feel Guilty

    Sometimes when kids want to get away with doing something, they will opt to make you feel guilty. And if your child tells you, you are boring. This is a term kids use to trick their parents into thinking; I am a bad mom or dad. And as a parent and you will succumb to their whims.

    Manipulate You Into Buying Video Games

    If you are a boy’s mum, you will hear this term the most, especially when they want a new game on the market. And since you want to be a cool and fun parent, you will indulge them. What you do not realize is, you are not a cool parent, just one who is easy to manipulate.

    No TV During the School Holidays

    During the school holidays, you will also hear; mum, you are boring more times than you can count. Why? Because they want to watch TV and you are insisting that they study or do their homework. As a parent, you should reduce the amount of time they spend watching TV. Ask them to spend this time either reading. They can also come up with activities to do, and you can assist them. This will help in improving their thinking capacity and creativity.

    You should always learn to deal with this kind of manipulation from your kids. As you know, kids are sharp, and you have to stay on your toes to detect it when it happens. Although sometimes it’s good to give your child some leeway, please do not make it a habit.

    Give Your Child Some Space

    Your child is growing up, and sometimes they will want their own space. Give them space but not too much of it that it spoils them just enough for your child to feel like they are in control of their life. They will learn to appreciate what you do and know that you want the best for them. They will also get to know that it’s not that you are boring, just that you want to be there for them.

    Do Not Take It to Heart

    When kids tell you you’re boring, do not take it to heart. Most of the time, it is a reaction to something they want and can’t have. Other times, they want to get out of doing their duties, such as taking out the trash or doing their homework.

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