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My Baby’s Nostrils Are Different Sizes

    Some problems are often genetic, and so we do not have control over them. Others are medical conditions caused by our lifestyle or accidents. Some of these problems include different sized nostrils in a baby. If you think that this condition is complicated and afraid for your child, hold your breaks. You will be astonished at the statistics of people who have this condition.

    This condition involves a vital organ in the body; the Septum. The Septum is a cartilage in the nose that divides the nostrils into two. When the Septum is located at a different position that is not normal, it causes a physical impact. It can cause an abnormality in the physical appearance of the nose of a child right from birth. This occurrence leads to the uneven division of the nostrils, causing the different sizes you see in your child’s nose.

    It should not, however, cause an alarm if your child is a victim of this circumstance. It should only worry you when the child starts to manifest life-threatening symptoms. We will be looking at this later in this article.

    Causes of Different Sized Nostrils

    Accidents can cause the nostrils to defer in size when the Septum is injured. For instance, when involved in an accident, this can be one cause.

    Children want to move everywhere in the house. They also climb on chairs and tables. When they fall from these high levels, they may end up hurting themselves. One of the organs that they may injure is the Septum.

    It is essential to take your child to a pediatrician whenever they have injuries around the house. Therefore, they are still weak and are exposed to many dangers that can threaten their lives.

    Symptoms to Watch Out for

    Nose bleeding is caused by the dryness of the nasal passages resulting from the deviated Septum.

    The child may experience breathing difficulties through the nose due to the obstruction on the nostrils.

    During sleep, the baby breathes loud because there is difficulty in sleeping caused by difficulty in breathing. The baby may experience congestion or pressure on one side or both parts of the nose.

    Sinus infections may also develop because the obstruction involved prevents proper drainage of the sinuses.

    When the deviation is severe, the symptoms are always accompanied by pain in the face. Babies feel uncomfortable and therefore cry a lot.

    Treatment That Helps

    Treatment for different sized nostrils is not always necessary in most cases because no harm is caused. But in severe cases, treatment is essential. Visit a pediatrician if the symptoms persist, and the baby feels very uncomfortable.

    Surgery should always be the last result when it comes to a child’s situation. Also, surgery can be costly since the average cost is between $6,000 and $30,000. Furthermore, because of the risks involved in surgery, most people prefer dealing with the symptoms independently.


    To help with the breathing problems that result from the congestion of the nasal passages, the doctor may prescribe decongestants to provide relief. However, they, like every drug, have side effects. The side effects may include stomach upset or headaches. It is, therefore, good to talk with your pediatrician about the side effects.


    Sinus trouble can be very uncomfortable for your child. If worse comes to worst, it can even kill your child. Children are not used to these painful conditions. They are just trying to adapt, so they are very vulnerable at this point. Antihistamines can be given by the doctor to help relieve the baby’s sinuses hence improve breathing.

    Nasal Sprays

    Snoring in children takes place when the air flowing through the nasal passage is hindered or blocked. Nasal sprays designed for babies can be of great benefit if these symptoms persist.

    Preventing Different Sized Nostrils in Children

    The different sized nostril in children is normal. 80% of the American population has been diagnosed with this condition. This number leaves only 20% of Americans with even nostrils.

    Of the 80%, some are born with uneven nostrils. Some get it when growing up as a result of injuries and accidents.

    As a parent, you must do the much you can to prevent accidents that will bear permanent scars on your child’s body. Always check on them to know if they are up to no good. Children can be a lot of work, but it is worth the effort when you consider the treatment cost.

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