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My Baby’s Mom Is Crazy!

Relationships have their ups and downs. If your relationship is more negative than positive, there may be more to your relationship drama.

Though most couples have arguments here and there, a crazy partner is an entirely different situation.

A toxic partner may act crazy, constantly blaming others for their mistakes. While it’s possible to work through these issues, a crazy partner makes for a toxic relationship.

Is my baby’s mom crazy?

You may be hesitant to call the mother of your child crazy, but it might be true. Whether it’s a result of unresolved problems or her trying to control you, acting crazy is a huge red flag.

If you’re madly in love with the mother of your child, you may not recognize some of the crazier traits immediately. However, after a while, these signs will be impossible to ignore.

If your baby’s mom is crazy, you might also feel insane.

In a toxic relationship, your partner may act crazy if they expect you to do all the work. For example, toxic partners are those that always take but have very little to give. This type of energy will leave you feeling exhausted and depleted emotionally, mentally, and physically.

In addition to expecting you to do all the heavy lifting, a crazy partner often wants to control everything. From how you raise your child to what you do in your free time, a crazy partner wants to make sure they have the last word.

What to do in a toxic relationship with your baby’s mom.

While a toxic person doesn’t have to stay this way, they need to get help if they want to change. If your baby’s mother isn’t willing to change, it’s time for you to take action.

Making the decision to leave your baby’s mother isn’t easy, but it may be necessary. You need to give her the space to figure things out on her own. If this means divorcing, separating, and moving away so be it.

In an extremely serious situation involving abuse or a dangerous environment, you may need to contact law enforcement. Legal action is necessary if your crazy ex is putting you or your child in danger. Work with a lawyer to make sure you get full custody of your child.

Co-parenting with a crazy baby mother is possible.

Escaping a relationship with a crazy partner is challenging, especially when raising a child. Despite this, you must find a way to co-exist, especially when the toxic parent wants to weigh in.

If your baby’s mom exhibits crazy behavior but is still capable of parenting, find a way to work with her. Put the focus on successfully co-parenting instead of trying to get your baby’s mother to change. Make sure that her negative behaviors don’t affect your child as you attempt to co-parent. Do this by avoiding any of your ex’s triggers and limiting your interactions as much as possible.

As much as you may hate your baby’s mother, never talk negatively about them around your child. This way, you’ll be able to protect the image of their mom for as long as possible.

Working through your unresolved issues…

While your ex may indeed be crazy, it’s also important to make sure you’re not holding in any unresolved emotions. Your former partner’s toxicity can take a toll on you, personally and as a parent.

Make an effort to work through these feelings. Invest in professional counseling to help you heal from the damage of a toxic relationship and crazy partner. While the hurt won’t go away overnight, working on yourself will make you a better parent.

We can’t control if someone else chooses to be crazy. Make sure you and your child are able to have a happy and healthy life. Take the necessary steps to escape any toxic behavior and create a positive environment at home.

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