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5 Tips If Your Baby Won’t Use a Bottle

You may think that your baby will come out of the womb vying for a bottle. Even if you breastfeed, most mothers think their little one will make a smooth transition straight from the breast to the bottle. This is not always the case. You will notice that it is not the case in most instances. Babies will resist the bottle for numerous reasons. When it happens, it will cause a parent much grief because you will feel lost. You will not know how to feed your child. Questions will arise as to whether to force them to feed with the bottle. Should you regress to a previous method? Should you try something else or just give up? Continue reading to see how you should approach your baby, not wanting to use a bottle.

1. Try A Different Style Bottle/Nipple

Babies can be quite the little picky ones. Your baby is no exception. They want it how they want it, and when it comes to a bottle, they may choose not to suck a nipple merely because it does not resemble that of your breast. They can also just not prefer shape. It may feel too big, too small, too soft, or too hard. It may be a guessing game with what they actually like as far as the bottle for them. When looking for the perfect bottle, if this happens to be the problem, start off with buying less expensive bottles as you experiment. This will keep you from wasting money. You can work your way up to the more expensive bottles. As you find out they do not like the less expensive bottles, you can just throw those away, and you have not lost much money.

Suppose you find that the problem if the shape of the bottle or nipple, once you find the right kind, buy a bunch to avoid running out of them. No one wants the store to discontinue the only bottle that your baby will drink from, and you can never find it again.

2. Ask Someone Else To Give Them The Bottle

You can also have someone else try feeding your child. From time to time, the issue may be who is actually feeding your baby. Babies can be distracted depending on who is feeding them. If you have previously breastfed your child, they may be so consumed with wanting you to breastfeed them that they will not let you bottle feed them. The only way to get them to take a bottle is to leave the room while they are hungry and allow another caring person to feed them for you.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Asking for help is maybe one of the most difficult things a mother has to do. It is like admitting defeat, but it is best for the child if you are stuck in a situation such as this one. You are between a rock and a hard place when you can not get your child to eat and do not desire to breastfeed or can no longer do so.

In this situation, you need to ask a healthcare professional, a friend, or another caregiver that may have knowledge of your situation. You have come to this site to get information. Therefore you are on the right track. Research about the topic is very helpful. Your doctor can also offer some very helpful tips about how you can get your baby to move more towards taking a bottle. Also, now that social media sites are a way of life. Logging on and join a group that has mothers in it has never been easier. They are filled with everyday real-life advice straight from the horse’s mouth. They have all been there, and they can tell you exactly what they did to get them through their struggles of the very same problem.

4. Your Child May Be Too Young

You may have encountered this one, and you may not, but if you have a preemie, this is definitely your issue. Your baby may be too small to take a bottle. He or she may not be ready to use a bottle. Did you know that some babies are born too early to suck a bottle and have not yet learned the sucking reflex? Moms all over the world encounter this every day. They give birth to babies who must be tube fed for a while, and then even after the tube is removed, there will still be many months of difficulties long after going home with using a bottle. If you feel this may be a problem, contact your healthcare professional and let him or her know that your child is having an issue as a premature child and needs to come back in for further assessments.

5. Be Patient

As with anything as a mother, you will encounter issues that will take time to resolve. You have to be patient. All children are different. Your first child is different than your second. Your second will be different than your last. You must take note of that and be sure to be attentive with identifying their issues and creative making a solution. You can help solve anything going on with your child if you slow down and take notes. The solution is out there; you just have to be patient and find it.


If getting your baby to use a bottle is your goal at the moment, you have to be dedicated to the cause. There may be a few sleepless nights. You will have to try many ideas and switch up ways of doing your regular routine. The idea is to find what works best for you and your baby. It may not be the easiest thing that you have ever done in your life. I bet it won’t be the hardest either.

You will have the most luck if you will attempt getting your baby to take a bottle by:

  • Try A Different Style Bottle/Nipple
  • Ask Someone Else To Give The The Bottle
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.
  • Your Child May Be Too Young
  • Be Patient

Stick with it, and you will get the hang of it. Your baby will eventually come around.

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