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My Baby Thinks He’s a Dog

Growing up, babies experience a lot of changes. These changes may include job changes, moving to a new town, or even another newborn. The changes can trigger either a positive or negative response. As a parent, you must hold your son’s hand through these changes to ensure that he adapts easily. Your son may be reacting to these changes by forming a bond with your dog.

At this stage, babies need a lot of guidance to improve their social skills. Suppose your child spends most of the time indoors, no other kids except for a dog. It would be impossible for your baby to behave in any other way. As a parent, you must identify his change in action, why, and try to change his behavior.

Is It Just My Baby or Do All Babies Think This Way?

It would be best if you took the time to observe your child’s behaviors before jumping to a conclusion. Maybe your son is just trying to play and form a bond with your dog. If you watch YouTube or ask this question on Google, you will find other parents asking this question. There are also several YouTube videos showing kids acting like a dog.

Do not panic when your baby acts or thinks he is a dog.  Keep an eye on him to see how deep your child is into being a dog. Does the baby think he is a dog all the time, or only when playing with the dog? If most of the time, your kid acts like a dog by crawling, barking, or eating dog food, then you need to come up with ways to stop him.

You Can Also Talk to Him About It

Talk to your baby about his behavior because it will take you forever, trying to do it independently. It is possible to get the answers on your own, but it would take away time you could be using to solve the issue. Kids are smart and pick on even the small cues. Make sure to talk to him in a non-judgmental manner and will have him opening up.

Your child is still young, and you mustn’t make him feel weird as it could impact his self-confidence. Have a sit-down and actively listen to what your child says.

If your child cannot speak well, the next option is to observe him in his element. How long does your son act like a dog? If your baby enjoys eating dog food. With all this in mind, you can come up with ways to stop him from thinking or behaving like a dog.

Why does he behave like a dog?

Lack of Attention

You may be spending too much time away from home such that your kid has no one else to play with except the dog. Changes in your home and life may leave him feeling isolated, making the dog the only available playing partner. Your child may adopt dog behaviors such as crawling, barking, and eating dog food to identify with your dog.

No Friends

Spending most of his time indoors leaves your baby with no friends except for the dog. Your baby’s social skills develop according to the things he associates with daily.

Spend More Time with Him

Babies need to feel love and care. Your son may be lacking parental love and is replacing it with dog love. Spend more time with your baby playing or going to the parks. Buy him storybooks that foster brain development and social skills. Then create a culture of reading out to him. It will help in improving your son-parent relationship. You can also teach him to read on his own, to help occupy most of his time.

If you are working away from home most of the time, call him via video call. It will give him reassurance that you love and care for him.

Let Him Make Friends with Other Babies

Your son’s only friend is a dog. It will take time for him to make friends with other babies. Do not rush him. Let things take their course, and slowly by slowly, you will find he is going for sleepovers. Take your baby to the parks, beach, or daycare to meet with other kids. Playing outdoors will give him a chance to meet and play with other kids.

Do not panic if your child thinks he is a dog. It is easy to change your kid’s behavior by loving and paying him extra attention. It will help if you make a routine of going outside when other kids are playing. When your child sees other kids playing and having fun will make him want to join in.

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