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My Baby Thinks Grandma Is Mom

    Grandma makes an excellent babysitter for parents who have busy or complicated schedules. Your child will no doubt enjoy being with grandma all day long. Calling your mom grandma may seem like a mouthful for your baby. For some babies who are learning to speak, saying mom is easier than saying, grandma. 

    Your baby will naturally bond with your mother when the two spend lots of time together. It is no wonder that some parents think that grandmas spoil grandchildren.

    Should You Worry if Your Baby Thinks Grandma Is Mom?

    Babies speak only what they can. If your baby can not call out grandma but can call mom, you need to be patient with your little angel. As your child grows and continues to learn how to speak, it will become easy for your baby to call out grandma.

    Instead of worrying that your baby thinks grandma is mom, be grateful that baby and grandma get along and how lucky your baby is to be loved. Remind yourself that you are important to your baby and that you will always be a mom to your child.

    To worry that your baby thinks grandma is, mom is sometimes an overreaction. If your baby hears you call your mother mom, it may be difficult for your little one to use the word grandma on your mother. Babies are good imitators and will call grandma the same way that you do.

    Why Does My Baby Think Grandma Is Mom

    Your baby thinks grandma is a mom because the two spend much time together. If grandma is your baby’s babysitter, there will be a strong bond between grandma and baby. When your baby thinks grandma is mom, it may be because of the loving relationship between the two.

    Grandparents tend to be fussy about grandchildren, which is why grandma can be tuned more to your baby’s signal than you are. Grandma has the time to listen and to observe all the nitty-gritty details of your baby. As a working mother, you may not have time to do the same. This loving connection may be a reason for your baby to think that grandma is mom.

    If you find it strange for your child to think grandma is mom, it may be because of how grandma treats your baby.  Grandparents are gentle when teaching children how to do things such as brushing teeth or going to bed. Your baby will not be pushed to learn a routine because grandma is not under pressure to go to work.

    Dealing With Negative Feelings When Your Baby Thinks Grandma is Mom

    Instead of being jealous when your baby thinks grandma is mom, focus on nurturing your relationship. Your baby’s relationship with grandma is not against you and needs not to be disrupted. Find your way of developing strong bonds with your baby without interfering with the baby and grandma bond. 

    You will feel optimistic about your baby’s relationship with grandma when you focus on parenting as being about doing things for your baby. Sometimes parents make adjustments for the baby’s sake even when it hurts your ego.

    Your baby thinking grandma is mother is not an attack on you. It shows that grandma is compassionate and caring, and that’s why your baby feels safe in this relationship. Your baby’s fondness for grandma does not discount your love.

    What Should Grandma Do? My Baby Thinks Grandma Is Mom

    In a loving relationship, grandma needs to stay clear with your child so that your baby will learn to draw the line between mom and grandma.

    Grandma can help your baby overcome this mix up by deferring to you all major decisions concerning your baby. This way, your baby will learn that you are responsible, and it will help develop a baby-mom relationship with you. 

    When Babies Stop Thinking Grandma Is Mom?

    At birth, your baby can identify you by smell, and at three months, your baby can understand your role as mom.

    Babies get familiar with the surrounding family as early as between 3-7 months. If you spend more time with your child, it can help your baby stop thinking that grandma is mom.


    Grandparents always act loving towards grandchildren. When grandma displays such love by giving your baby toys, candy, or home-baked pies, your little angel may find it hard to resist such love. 

    The little gifts given to your baby by grandma create an impact on your child’s bond with grandma. It makes your baby feel loved and valued by grandma. It is a relationship that you need to value and exercise patience with your baby. Over time, your baby will learn to think of grandma as grandma.

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