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My Baby Straightens His Legs

As new parents, you are delighted for your baby, and anything about your little one is thrilling. While all the features of your baby are familiar and, they are feeding well. Some characteristics make you wonder if it’s just your baby or is it friendly with other babies.

Should you be worried when your baby straightens his legs and grunt? Should you be concerned? Let’s check at some of the everyday things with babies, and it will help you know if your baby’s development is going on well and if you need to consult your pediatrician.


Just like we all stretch our bodies, babies too do stretch. Their stretch involves straightening the whole body. It’s described as a baby tensing their muscles in their hands and legs according to how they are lying. If your baby is lying on his back, he may look like he is standing. The baby usually grunts while they stretch, and the action lasts for a few seconds. They can repeat it several times a week.


Constipation is common in babies and can be very uncomfortable. If your baby is having constipation, you will notice he will straighten up his legs when trying to poop. A grunt will follow it, and your baby may end up crying because he has some abdominal pain.

Although constipation is unavoidable, you can try to ease the tension on your baby’s tummy. Some babies will have a regular bowel movement, but every time they want to poop, you notice they straighten their legs. It is perfectly normal for your baby.

It’s prevalent with babies when they want to pass gas. He straightens his legs first, and then you hear the loud fart. Build up gas is uncomfortable for your baby, more so if he has constipation.

Tummy Ache

A tummy ache is different from constipation because your baby will poop regularly as the baby tries to straighten their legs due to discomfort. Mostly your baby will tense their legs and cry. It’s hard to know when your baby is under the weather, but if your baby is continuously crying and is unlike him, consult your doctor.


Can you believe that babies sulk? Yes, they do, and it’s done by the older babies who have grown and know they need to fret if they need a change. Babies can sulk if they are tired and want a change of position, especially if they are in the high chair or lying. Smaller babies fret if they are hungry or need a diaper change. The sulking is similar to both infants, and grown babies will straighten their legs and cry.

Burn off Some Energy

Probably you are either sitting or sleeping, and you feel you need a deep stretch. Babies go through that too. Your baby’s legs also feel tired at times, and he stretches them often. Babies need to pull the tense muscles, and as they do, so they cry and grunt. You don’t need to worry; your baby is perfectly fine.

Over Stimulation

Your baby is used to a quiet environment at home. You have gone out probably for a party or family gathering, and there are many people, and it’s noisy. Overstimulation happens; there is too much going on that the baby sensory class can handle. Imagine trying to lay your baby down, hold, or even feed him. Your baby will tense and straighten his legs as cry because of the intense environment. Just take him to a quiet place to calm down.

He Wants to Stand Up

Some babies are eager to move and love standing up with support. If you notice he tries to stand up whenever you hold him, then he likes that position, and he wants to stand often. When lying down and doesn’t like it, he will straighten his legs, grunt and maybe cry. When he behaves this way, lift him and let him stand on their legs.


Teething makes babies feel uncomfortable and can cause a lot of problems for them. If your baby is teething and you see a sudden tense on his legs as he cries, it’s because of the pain that comes with teething.

Babies tensing is entirely normal and should not worry you out. Many things can make your baby straighten his legs, most of which are not harmful. Watch your baby closely, and you will learn his reasons for straightening his legs. If it doesn’t seem familiar, you can consult your doctor.

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