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My Baby Smiles at Everyone But Me

    As a parent, nothing makes you happy and energized like a baby than to see your child being friendly, especially with you. It is a joyous moment. It seems like a billion stars exploding at the same time. That smile, laughter, giggle, chuckle has an indescribable effect on you as the mother. To put it in a better word, you are mesmerized by the smile of your baby.

    However, there could be certain times in a baby’s life when you are troubled by that seeming coldness that your child may manifest towards you. It may seem to you like they are always having fun around other people. These can be your family members, close friends, or even strangers. And that can be very trying. You feel kind of jealous that your baby likes every other person and not you.

    In this article, we look at why this happens and if it is a normal condition or not. We also look at what you can do to help in your situation. 

    Why Smiling Is Vital for Your Child

    Smiling is very crucial when it comes to the development of your child. When your baby smiles at you, it is a sign that their ability to see has improved. It shows that your baby’s brain and nervous system has matured. The maturity helps in such a way that they can replace automated smiles with intentional smiles, which connect them with others. 

    Your baby begins to realize that their feelings do matter and impact people around them. These are the early signs that a baby manifests, which show their ability to socialize with people. As a parent, you should learn to encourage them by smiling at them and teaching them to smile.

    Is It Just Your Child?

    If your question is whether your child is the only one having this problem, the answer is no. You only have to sit down in a conversation with other mothers. You can also visit websites where mothers share their experiences with their children.

    So, it’s a shared experience. Babies smile as a response to the joy or excitement they experience because of someone. They begin doing this when they are two months old or younger. However, some start before that time.

    When the baby is above two months and does not smile at you, this can call for attention. Later we will inform you of what you can do to bring your child’s smile to you.

    Why Your Child Doesn’t Smile at You

    There are several factors to consider when your baby is not smiling at you, yet they do so with others. The problem may be your stern look. At times it could be your child. There is no specific reason. If the child is social with others and not with you, hang in there. Please don’t make it personal. Be patient and give them time. 

    However, under normal circumstances, your child may be treating you this way for the following reasons. 

    You Are Already in Your Child’s Heart

    One of the possible reasons why your child seems cold to you lately is because they are making contact with other people.

    When a baby smiles, it is because of a particular reason. They smile as a way of saying “thank you” or “hey there.” When your child smiles at others, it does not necessarily mean that they don’t love you.

    You have been with them from birth. Your baby feels comfortable with you, and they enjoy your company. Because of this, they try to familiarize themselves with other people they do not know.

    What to Do When It’s Too Much

    When your baby is more than two months old, and yet they keep giving you that stern look, take action. You can choose to play a little more with your child. Make time for them and do some fun things with them. These can include making funny faces, funny sounds, wiggling your ears or nose, among others.

    Children pick up messages slowly but eventually master them. Therefore, a lot of practice will help you connect with your child. This connection will play a significant role in bringing your child back to you. 

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