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My Baby Shakes When She Wakes Up

    Those odd shaky movements that babies make can get you worried. Activities such as quivering of chins, jerky arm, trembling hands, and leg gestures are common among infants, but they leave moms with lots of questions. Most of them are confusing, and as a parent, you may not know when the shakes are normal or a health problem.

    Whether you are a first time or an experienced mom, when your baby wakes up with shakes, you will definitely feel uneasy. Those are moments when you begin to imagine all manner of things. You start asking yourself whether your baby has a fever or is experiencing something serious. Well, if you want to understand more about those odd shakes that babies make when they wake up, this is the post to read.

    Why Do Babies Shake When They Wake Up?

    There are various reasons for baby shaking when they wake up. Some of the causes are as follows:

    Shaking movements are common when babies are falling asleep or when they wake up. Experts call this nocturnal myoclonus or sleep myoclonus. So, if you see your baby shake up when she wakes, it could be that he or she is experiencing this condition.

    Also, babies’ different body parts twitch at different developmental milestones. For instance, you will notice the twitching of the head in babies during their first weeks of life. This type of shaking prepares the baby to hold up his or her head. 

    There is also jolting of fingers and wrists when a baby is a bit older, a sign that the baby’s fine motor skills are developing. These are examples of shakes in babies, and they are expected. Most of these types of shakes in babies signify various developmental milestones.

    Is the Shaking Normal or a Health Concern?

    As stated earlier, babies making shakes when they wake up is normal and should not worry parents. Note that this condition is supposed to go away when the baby is one year old. However, the shakes can also represent a health concern, especially when a baby presents shakes, along with other symptoms. 

    Do Other Babies Also Experience This?

    Shaking in babies is common, and it is part of development milestones. Many children experience body shakes when they wake up. So, if you are wondering if this is only happening to your baby, then you are wrong. Provided that the baby has no other underlying health condition, she will experience what other babies do.

    When Should Shaking Be a Health Concern?

    Shaking in babies is part of developmental stages. However, if the condition presents itself with other symptoms, it means that the baby has a health concern that may warrant specialized medication.

    So, it is generally vital to be aware of what is happening with your baby. That way, you will be able to understand whether the shakes your baby is making are normal or not. 

    Important Consideration

    Though baby shaking when they wake up is typical behavior, it doesn’t mean that you should rule out the possibility of him or her having a health problem. According to specialists, baby shakes could also be a sign of a seizure. 

    So, suppose your baby has those shakes and is also exhibiting other symptoms such as staring, blinking rapidly, jerking, and not responding to noise. In that case, there is a possibility that your baby experiences seizures. Note that some babies can have both motor and non-motor symptoms. Specialists call this partial seizure.

    In case you are in doubt about the shakes, you should seek assistance from a specialist. A doctor is better positioned to exam your baby to establish if the shakes are normal or represent other serious issues. If the results reveal an underlying condition, he will recommend the right medication for your baby.


    Generally, it is the nature of babies to exhibit all manner of behaviors, including shaking. Most of them are usually normal and part of babies’ development. However, some are usually a sign of an underlying health condition. 

    So, you need to watch your baby closely for any possible underlying health problems to help them begin medication and treatment as soon as possible. The information in this article should help you understand when baby shakes are harmless and when they are not.

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