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10 Reasons Your Baby Screams

If your baby is screaming, there can be all kinds of reasons as to why. Some reasons are not that serious and should not require a great deal of concern on your end. Most babies between zero and three months will cry a lot, and you should know you are not alone. While some of the reasons are very common, you must also be on the lookout for potentially serious issues. To help you pinpoint why your baby is so unhappy, let’s look at the potential reasons.

1. A Case of Colic

When your healthy baby is crying more than other babies their age, that might be a case of colic. Did you know that there is not a definite cause identified for colic? What we do know for sure is that it has to do with your milk or some other food your baby receives. Be on the lookout for clenched fists, red skin, and hand and leg movements toward their stomach. You should also look for tears, bloating, and gas. If you see those symptoms, you are probably are indeed dealing with Colic.

2. Not Enough Food

If your baby is not getting enough food, they will definitely let you know. One way they do this is through screaming. You must remember that your baby hasn’t mastered appropriate noise levels yet. If they are screaming more than usual, it might be time to increase their food levels. You should look for other signs, too. (

3. Too Much Food

Yes, your baby can indeed cry if they get too much in their stomach. You should be on the lookout for several signs that can indicate your little one is being overfed. Irritability is one of those signs. You should also pay attention to weight gain, persistent gas, problems sleeping, and wet, very foul bowel movements.

4. A Dirty Diaper

If your baby has a dirty diaper, they will usually let you know. That is not always the case, so you have to be sure to check their diaper regularly. Hopefully, your baby will learn to alert you when they need a fresh diaper. Do not be surprised if your baby’s screaming is due to a dirty diaper, even if you did check just moments prior. When it is diaper changing time, make sure that you don’t make avoidable mistakes. (

5. Teething Has Started

Problems sleeping and a cranky attitude can be signs of teething, and if your baby is screaming, that also could be a sign. Teething is a sometimes very painful process for your baby, and it can also be a very painful process for you. Sometimes, you might feel hopeless like there is nothing you can do to help your baby. Teething rings, gum massages, and over the counter medicines can help your baby. Check with your pediatrician, too.

6. Clothes Need Changing

Your baby is super sensitive to just about anything, and this includes room temperatures and outside temperatures. As your baby grows, their unique ability to handle temperatures and various settings changes. So one day, your baby might need an extra blanket in January, and the next day they might be wanting to kick your blanket off. You should be prepared and have several options ready. Those options come in handy for drools, spits, and other more obvious reasons as to why your baby might need a change of clothes.

7. Mom’s Caffeine Levels

For moms out there breastfeeding, too much caffeine in your diet can cause your baby to become irritable. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, this could easily be the case. You can find all kinds of helpful information online about the appropriate levels of caffeine for nursing mothers. (

8. Not Well Rested

Your baby needs a lot of sleep, and not just nighttime rest. Newborn babies should be sleeping around eight hours during the day and around eight hours at night. Don’t be alarmed if your baby only sleeps in one to two-hour increments. You likely won’t have a baby that sleeps through the night until they are around three months old.

9. Dealing with Unbearable Pain

Although you hope it is not the case, your child just might not be able to tolerate some type of pain. There can be all kinds of reasons as to why your baby might be experiencing pain. While some of the aforementioned potential issues for screaming can also be associated with pain, other reasons might not be as easily identified. You should be on the lookout for signs of pain, and you should know there are all types of ways that your baby’s pain can be treated. (

10. More Serious Medical Issues

If your baby has extended periods of screaming, you must be sure to alert your pediatrician. Do not hesitate. In some situations, your baby’s screaming could be due to an underlying issue that you alone cannot identify. That is why you must have a pediatrician that you can count on and turn to when needed. There could be a more serious medical issue, and you just cannot take those chances. Do what is best for your baby and you. Seek help if screaming doesn’t stop to rule out something more serious.


You should also talk to other parents dealing with the issue. This will help make the screaming more bearable…knowing you aren’t alone. It is reassuring to know other parents are dealing with similar issues. You should compare reasons as to “why my baby screams” and learn from one another. You might just end up sharing and receiving some really good coping mechanisms and other valuable parenting skills. And while there may be other reasons that are not included above, you should know that these potential reasons are the most common. They are a good starting point for figuring it all out and eventually pinpointing the reason as to why your baby screams so much. Remember, always bounce it off of your baby’s medical provider. Your final verdict should come from them.

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