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My Baby Puts Blanket Over Face

    Does your baby love put a towel or blanket over their face? It is common for many babies because it gives them comfort. However, it can make the parents worry. From the time the baby is born, they find themselves pressing besides the breast or a blanket in the crib, and a baby gets attached.

    Most babies will put the blanket on their faces while playing and when they want to sleep. The blanket is a warm way to soothe themselves to sleep and makes the baby feel secure. Why do Babies like putting Blankets over their faces?

    Sense of Security

    Babies tend to be attached to a particular blanket that is close to them. You will find that most of them cannot sleep without that specific blanket. These blankets give your baby a sense of security. After the baby breastfeeds and goes to sleep, they wake up between the naps for some brief minutes before going back to sleep. The blanket gives the baby the security they need when you are not there, and they grow attached to these blankets.

    Comfort Zone

    Your newborn is usually attached to your breast most of the time as they breastfeed. They develop an association of having something pressing against their face. This feeling is comforting, and when put in bed, they find it in their blankets. When the baby is feeling sleepy, they want comfort, which they find in blankets. This comfort gives them an easier way to sleep. This habit can go throughout their childhood.

    How to Stop Your Baby from Pulling a Blanket Over Face

    If your baby cannot sleep without pulling a blanket over their face, there are more straightforward ways to help the baby without having to remove the veil away and annoy the baby. One of the common habits of most parents is to pull out the blanket after the baby is fast asleep.

    Instead of covering your baby with a blanket, add an extra layer of clothes or a sleep sack; this will ensure your baby stays warm without a blanket. Ensure the baby’s room temperature is the right for the baby, not too cold nor too hot; it should range between 37-38 degrees.

    Alternatively, you can give your baby a crochet blanket with a big hole that the baby can still breathe when they pull over. If it’s a new blanket, sleep with it for three days so that it can have your smell before you give it to the baby. Another alternative is the breathable mesh blanket.

    Some babies don’t like the light when they are sleeping, and it may be why they are pulling the blanket over their face to create some darkness. It’s good to put off the lights when the baby sleeps. Babies like warmth and comfort while sleeping and probably get it from the blanket, which can be dangerous. Introduce them to a snuggle in a more confined space.

    Find a small toy that cannot cover their face yet too big to choke on and attach a small towel or blanket and give your baby to snuggle on. Alternatively, you can roll a muslin and tie on two sides of the crib so that it can’t move. It will provide your baby with a blanket that is safe and cannot spread over the face. Because babies love having something touching their faces, you can try putting them to sleep with a cap on their head.

    What Are the Risks of Babies Pulling Blankets Over Face?

    When a baby pulls a blanket over their face when they are still minimal, they can suffocate. The risk of babies dying due to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is high when they are below twelve months. At this age, they can’t pull the blanket off if they feel uncomfortable.

    Babies who love to snuggle with blankets can make their parents feel like they are going nuts because they can’t sleep with one. As a mother, some excellent alternatives will give you peace of mind knowing your baby is safe even if they snuggle. For safety measures, ensure the baby’s crib is well tacked, no blankets until your baby is one year. Then you can give them those special blankets from their grandmother.

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