My Baby Opens Eyes Really Wide

When a baby is born into this world, they are used to certain sights, sounds, smells, and textures. They are used to them because they were growing inside of the mother.

Babies see the darkness inside of the womb, but cannot see the light outside of it. They also prefer amniotic fluid, and the sight of their parents when they are born.

They prefer human faces when they open their eyes for the first time.

Why your baby’s eyes are so big?

Babies have big eyes when they are born. This is because as they grow, starting at three months to their second birthday.

They start development from the head down, and they develop their head first. This is why many people see that some babies have big heads, and it’s not because of a disease, a genetic deformity, or anything else, it’s because they grow into their head first.

This is also true of the baby’s eyes, as they are growing to start at birth. For a baby to have 70 percent of their adult eye size from birth to 3 months, it is normal. This is also true of the head size, ear size, and the nose and mouth sizes.

So if this happens to your baby, don’t worry. It’s a normal thing, and it’s the way babies develop.

Why do newborns open their eyes so wide?

Babies start from infancy to only be able to see from 10 inches to 13 inches away from them. This is so that they can see who is holding them, and so that they feel safe and secure.

Babies don’t usually fuse when they see their parents. It’s when they don’t see you that they start to fuse. This is why if you are looking over at your baby in their bassinet, they still cry because they can’t see you more than 13 inches away.

Their crying when they’re away from a parent is normal, and it’s them telling you that they want to see you, are hungry, or need to be soothed.

Until about 3 to 6 months, babies can still only see about a foot away from them, so when they can see, they open their eyes wide because they can see more around them now.

After three months, the baby’s eyesight begins to develop, and what was once only a foot away, is now an entire room (albeit, a bit blurry). However, when your baby is opening their eyes extremely wide, it’s their way of seeing everything.

This is a normal response when babies learn to open their eyes. They are seeing and perceiving all the sights around them that they were previously unable to see.

This is their way of processing all of the information so that they can know what everything is. Your baby is fine, and there is no need for concern as your baby is doing normal baby stuff.

They like to take in their surroundings and get everything down in their brain. It’s when babies finally realize what home looks like, and they’re amazed, fascinated, and blown-away.

Newborn babies eyes

When newborns open their eyes for the first time, they usually do so for just a second. Just enough to see a foot away, but it’s too bright, so they shut their eyes again.

They open their eyes because they are trying to see the world and their parents in it. However, it is natural for babies to look cross-eyed or even out of line when they’re looking around.

This will happen off and on for the next three months, and it may continue a few months after, but any longer than that could be bad. It is also natural for a newborn not to open their eyes.

This is because some babies at birth can’t open their eyes. After all, the eyelids become puffy. If your eyes are puffy, it’s hard for you to open them too, which is why they don’t if they’re puffy.


Advice on babies opening their eyes extremely wide is that it’s normal. All babies do it, and it persists for upwards of a year on and off. Wen, a baby, is born. They look around but can’t see much until their about three months old.

They can’t see far when they are in the newborn stage, but when they hit three months, their pupils begin to form, and so too does their eye color. This is when babies will start to gawk around and stare wide-eyed. They are taking in the colors, the objects, and the people.

They see everything as we do, and they are processing it. This is how babies remember everything they see, and it starts at three months. Your baby is developing their sight, and you can show them more things as they develop their eyes.

At this stage, some advice is to take them to other places and let them see everything they can. This includes stuff like;

  • Car rides
  • The parks
  • Ponds and or water sources
  • Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Play areas

And more Baby’s like to see things, and just as you are when you see a new place, you can get wide-eyed too. Your baby is just excited. It’s like seeing something new around every corner.


Babies are fascinating, and they’re easily fascinated. Whether that be wide-eyed or drop-jawed, babies are interested in everything. Everything they see, taste, hold, and smell interests them. They like learning new things as you do.

Baby’s look at everything with wonder and bewilderment. This is learning, growing, and remembering what they see. Your baby will open their eyes when they are first born, and they will not be able to see more than a foot away.

However, at three months and further, their eyes develop, and they can see further than before. Little by little, your baby will see more and more of the world, further and further away.