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5 Tips If Your Baby Never Cries

My baby never cries, is a concern that is not always heard of, but it is one that does exist. You might be thinking, why complain if your baby doesn’t cry? You are lucky! However, you may never know if not crying may be affecting your baby or if your baby is trying to tell you something through, not crying at all. Before you take a breath relived, keep reading to find out all the reasons a baby may not be crying to make sure your baby is not trying to tell you something.

1. Why Does a Baby Cry?

To first know why a baby may not be crying, you can start by knowing why a baby cries in the first place. When a baby is first born, crying is something natural and something that a parent looks to hear to know that their baby is okay. When they are first born and introduced to the world, they are overwhelmed with elements that cause them to cry. That first cry is a sign that your baby is breathing well and has good lungs.

If the baby doesn’t cry right away, don’t panic. There are a few causes as to why a baby doesn’t cry right away. They may not cry because they were subjected to the medicine during labor, the cord being around their neck or if the mother pushed a lot. These are all normal for the most part and shouldn’t be too alarming. The nurses will get the baby to cry by rubbing the baby, sucking away any moisture from the nose and mouth, etc. as a way to help the baby with crying.

2. Reasons for Crying

When a baby is in their first weeks and months of life, their only mode of communication is crying. So, therefore, your baby is going to cry for many reasons, even conflicting ones. They will cry if they are hungry or if they are full. Babies will cry if they have gas, are hot, or if they are cold. They will cry if they need clothing on or if they need clothing off. At first, you are not going to know what their array of different cries means, it’s going to take you a minute to realize exactly why your baby is crying and what they are trying to tell you.

But there are going to be times when a baby won’t cry. It may not be because there is anything wrong with your little one, they may just not have found their so-called voice and they array of cries to us to tell you what they need. As a baby is developing and growing, they don’t know everything. A baby may recognize you are their main source for food and comfort, but they won’t’ know that you are their parent.

3. Making Their Adjustment

Entering the world for the first time for a baby can be traumatic. They have spent so far their entire existence of nine or so months, in the comfort of your womb. They have been in the water this whole time, protected and not exposed to any elements. When a baby arrives in the world that is suddenly ripped away from them, and it can be distressing. This can cause many babies to cry endlessly because they do not understand this adjustment they need to make.

Furthermore, they need to understand who you are and that you are the person who will love them and take care of them unconditionally. This bond may even take some time. So you will adjust to learning your baby and how they cry and what sounds they make, and they will also be learning who you are and that you are going to be their main caregiver. This adjustment can take time for both of you to learn one another and to get accustomed to each other and your roles in each other’s lives.

4. It Might Be Their Personality or Disposition

Some babies react differently to being born and entering the world. Some are upset and let it be known with constant crying for every feeling they may encounter. But others, such as your baby may be taking a different route to how they are responding to entering the world. They may simply have a personality type that causes them to be more subdued and closed off.

Your baby may not feel the need to cry or make a noise when they feel or experience something, which can be alarming at first glance, but in the end, it may just be your baby’s disposition. Don’t be too hard on your baby; they are also learning and adapting to this new situation just as you are. Be patient as you take the time to learn who your baby is and get to know them. But if you feel that their quietness is too irregular, make sure you make an appointment with your doctor right away to get them checked out.

5. Getting to Know Your Baby

The first few weeks of your baby’s life is the time you need to adjust to who they are. This is the time that you will learn their different cries and even their lack of crying. You will get to know what they want by what noises they make and how they relate to you. This time frame is important for you to get to know your little one, so make sure you approach it with ease. Don’t be too hard on yourself; this adjustment is a big one for both you and your baby.

Even more, your baby is learning who you are and how you will take care of them. So when they first start to cry or stir, make sure you respond immediately, so that they know that you are going to be the one to take care of them and give them what they need. This bond is going to take time to sink in, so make sure you are there for your baby when they need you in the first few weeks, they need that time to learn you and your role in their life.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why your baby cries and why they might not cry. AS long as you get to know your baby, stay ahead of any illness or injury and get them checked on by your doctor, then you should be fine with a baby that does not cry a lot. For some babies, they simply don’t cry because of how their personality or adjustment to being in the world. Don’t fret about a quiet baby, enjoy the peace, and get to your little one day by day.

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