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My Baby Makes Squeaking Noises When Sleeping

Understanding the noises that newborns make can be confusing and scary. Whether you are a first time or an experienced mom, there are those moments that you can’t help but freak out. Some sounds that infants make can sometimes raise doubts. It makes it difficult to tell when the sound is typical or health concerned.

Some of those weird sounds that babies make are squeaking noises. It is among the scariest noises that newborns produce. Such sounds can get any mother worried. If this happens to your baby, many questions will start crossing your mind. You will begin to ask yourself if the sound is normal and whether it happens only to your baby?

Well, if you are here to seek answers to these questions and many more, you are in the right place. Continue reading the post to learn more about squeaking in babies. It has useful information to help you understand this condition in babies, including how to handle the situation.

Why Do Babies Make Squeaking Noise?

Squeaky sound, also known as laryngomalacia, is common among newborns. They make this sound when they try to breathe in. When the upper airway is floppy, it leads to airway obstruction during inspiration. When this happens, the baby will make that high-pitched squeaky noise.

This high-pitched sound is worse when the young ones are lying on their back. The cause of this weird sound is when there is the presence of excess tissue around something called the larynx. It is a body organ found inside the neck. It is a respiratory component responsible for air passage and producing sound. 

Is Squeak Noise Normal?

Those high-pitched noises can get you worried. A mother can’t help but pay attention to her baby all the time just to confirm if all is well. But you shouldn’t worry because this kind of noise is common among infants.

According to specialists, squeaking is usual among newborns in their first few weeks of life. This condition is usually temporary, meaning that as the baby grows older, it goes away on its own.

Does This Happen to Other Babies?


All infants produce weird noises during their first weeks of life. Since newborns go through similar development stages, they happen to share the same experiences.

If you are wondering whether squeaking sounds happens to all babies, then the answer is yes. Squeaking is common among newborns, and almost all infants make this type of sound and many others.

When Is Squeaking a Health Concern

Though this condition is normal, it can sometimes be a health concern in some babies. For instance, if your baby is squeaking too much, it could be a sign that the baby has a health problem. Note that severe squeaking may compromise the health of your baby. It may lead to reduced saturation of oxygen in the baby’s body. 

So, how will you know whether or not it is a health problem? The symptoms are usually visible when the babies are active and less when asleep. When they are active, they make frequent and rapid squeak sounds, which affect their feeding and breathing. So, if your baby has these problems, find time to see a medical provider. A specialist is in a better position to determine the underlying problem.

However, note that some babies may also show the symptoms when sleeping. You will notice the rapid movement of eyes when they are asleep. So, if your baby is exhibiting this behavior, you should also consider seeing a doctor.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A specialist will confirm the problem by performing a diagnosis. He or she will carry out a procedure known as laryngoscopy. The procedure allows the doctor to directly view the upper airways to see if there is an issue.

If the diagnosis results confirm that the baby’s airway has a problem, then treatment will be necessary. Depending on the diagnosis results, the doctor may recommend surgery or medication to cure the problem.


Though squeaking is expected among infants, it can also be a health problem. So, as a parent, you need to closely monitor your baby to know whether the baby’s sounds are a health problem. With this information, you now know the right thing to do for your baby.

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