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My Baby Makes Herself Throw Up

    When babies start exploring and experimenting, you may discover that your little one makes herself throw up or sticks her finger in the nose. This discovery stage is part of your baby’s mental and physical growth.  

    Your baby’s strange behavior gives your little one a feeling of being in control over something. However weird it is, your baby may be enjoying the moments of attention and may want to throw up more.

    Is It Normal for Your Baby to Make Herself Throw Up?

    It is a disturbing and undesirable behavior for your baby to make herself throw up. However, your baby does not realize that this habit is a health hazard.  Your little one will continue to explore if you do not put an end to it.  As far as your little one is concerned, this bizarre behavior is normal until told otherwise. After all, it is typical and expected for kids to do a lot more strange things. 

    Even though it is normal for your baby to act weirdly sometimes, gagging herself to the point of throwing up should be discouraged. When it becomes a repeated act, you may need to look deeper into the situation.

    Why Is My Baby Making Herself Throw Up?

    Your baby may be at an age where she needs a lot of stimulation and exciting things to play with.  If your baby is making herself throw up, it may be that the little one gets lots of energy and fuss happening when she does it. Babies in this stage usually put everything in their mouth. 

    Babies are natural attention seekers, and your baby may have discovered that this bizarre act attracts your attention. It may also indicate communication. Your baby is making herself throw up as a way of expressing the need to interact with you. 

    At this stage, your baby is seeking to explore and experiment.  Besides making herself vomit, your little one may do other weird acts like touching pop, poking the nose, or catching bugs.

    How to Stop My Baby from Making Herself Throw Up

    If you notice that your baby is about to make herself throw up, try disrupting her. Keeping your baby’s hands occupied with toys or play will help keep the little fingers busy. Once you discover your baby’s favorite toy, you can effectively use it every time after feeding. 

    One of the ways to help your baby stop making herself throw up may include not paying attention to your little one. When your baby sticks those tiny fingers in the mouth, pay no attention, and act like you have not seen anything. Instead, play games with your baby and show more attention when the little one is not throwing up.

    Should I Worry When My Baby Makes Herself Throw Up?

    Even though it is normal for a baby to make herself vomit, repeatedly doing so exposes your little one to several health hazards. You need to be firm on your baby and ensure that this habit is put to an end. 

     If your baby continues to make herself throw up persistently, it may damage your little one’s lining of the esophagus. This condition can lead to the tube’s tearing that connects the throat to the stomach and causes life-threatening bleeding.

    When your baby persistently makes herself vomit, it may eventually cause acid reflux that triggers indigestion and heartburn. Besides this, your baby may be losing too much water through vomit and become dehydrated.  Without enough water in the body, your baby’s blood vessels and organs will not have enough fluid that may lead to heart problems. 


    Even though it is considered normal for your baby to make herself throw up, you need to help your little one stop this habit. It may be harder to break if not dealt with at the initial stages.

    Babies need attention, but you need to avoid giving too much of it to your little one during a throwing up the incident. Distractions such as clapping hands or playing with toys can help take your baby’s mind off the vomiting act. But as you work towards stopping this habit, you also need to figure out what your little one may be trying to communicate to you.

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