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My Baby Likes to Bury Her Face

    That little creature you hold in your hands is the most helpless of all creatures born in the animal kingdom. At the same time, it could be the number one thing that drives you crazy. Babies can be tough to deal with, especially if you are new in this field of parenting.

    Have you had this experience with your baby lately? Where your baby buries her head in any piece of cloth, they get their hands on. It can be a blanket, your fabric, or any other thing. Your baby may enjoy this but not you. They often do this when they are about to sleep. Even when you try putting her in a better position, the baby wakes up crying. It is like you are bothering them when you do that.

    To babies, it could be something that they have learned to enjoy in this new world. Remember, they are trying to explore its heights and depths. This fact can explain their reaction when you try to move them.

    As a concerned parent, you are justified in worrying because this kind of behavior can even lead to suffocation. This article focuses on answering the questions you are probably asking yourself. Is it normal in children? Why do babies do that? What can I do to stop it? Should I visit my pediatrician?

    You better buckle your seat-belt. Read on!

    Do All Children Bury Their Heads?

    This condition is not specific to your baby alone. Mothers often complain about their children’s habit of burying their heads in their clothes, tummy, mother’s, or caregiver’s hair. Ask any mother you meet at your workplace or neighborhood, and you will know that it’s true. You probably did that when you were a baby too. Ask your mom if you are still blessed to have one.

    Why Do Babies Bury Their Heads?

    As funny and straightforward as it may seem, babies bury their heads under different things because of serious reasons. Psychologists and pediatricians can best give these reasons. Children are ever-adapting in different situations.

    They Are Seeking Comfort

    When babies breastfeed, their cheeks are always resting on the breast of the mother. Naturally, they unconsciously grow up knowing the position they should be in when breastfeeding.

    Your breast’s temperature is warm, just like the blanket or piece of clothing that your baby enjoys burying their head. They have learned to associate warmth with comfort.

    This kind of comfort does not end; it only changes its form with time. During those early weeks of a baby’s life, babies enjoy the pressure between their skin and skin.

    If you come to think of it, it seems like your baby has mastered how you hold her. The pleasure and assurance that they feel when you hold her, your baby seeks to get from a different source. It’s funny how nature works.

    How to Stop Your Baby From Suffocating Themselves

    Too much of anything is dangerous. While it is gorgeous for you to give these comforts that your baby seeks, you should act cautiously. There are some measures that, when taken, may help your baby as they turn in these dangerous positions.

    You should consider giving your baby proper coverings that are enough to keep them warm. Please do not give them heavy blankets or fluffy toys that will tempt them to cover their faces and cause suffocation.

    It is advised by experts and doctors that you put your baby to sleep while facing down. It is the best position to lay your baby when they sleep. However, it is not agreed upon by other authorities. But in the case of a baby who buries their head, things are different. It would be better to let them sleep in the opposite direction.

    When they are old enough, then the position can be changed to the recommended one.

    You can try out modified mattresses that can accommodate your baby’s sleeping position and still be safe. They have been a great tool in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

    When to See Your Pediatrician

    Trust your gut. Don’t wait to see several episodes when your baby seems to be in danger for you to be alarmed. If you feel your baby isn’t safe or that you are not doing enough, visit your pediatrician for guidance.

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