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Ugh! My Baby Isn’t Cute! 5 Tips on What to Do

So you look up and realize that your baby isn’t cute! The reality is that the looks of a child are relative. No one is beautiful, handsome, or cute to everyone.

That is a good thing. That means that no one is ugly to everyone as well. Your child may have some extra-large or extremely small features. He or she may have some irregularities or may not have complete symmetry in their facial features, but there will be debates in what people see when they look into your child’s face.

It is important that when you look at your child that you don’t judge. You can be honest because you are going to recognize similar features. Sure, you may see the features of yours or the father. You will know why your child has his or her skin tone, nose, or ears, but those are just notations, not judgments. If you have a feeling that your baby isn’t cute, just read on a bit further and get some tips on how to handle it.

1. Be Positive, Keep a Sense of Humor

This can be such a touchy subject. All babies are innocent, so the consensus is that they are all beautiful. Or at least that is what I was told, but you wouldn’t be here id that is what you believe so, let’s get down to it. You believe your child is not the best-looking thing on earth, right? You are going to have to keep a sense of humor about it. Call it as you see it. Acknowledge where she got those plump lips. Take credit for your son’s large ears.

You recognize your daughter’s big feet and limp hair. Don’t make fun of your child; just don’t take any of it to heart. People in the world will notice some of the same things that you are going to notice. As they go through life, they may even say it to them. The first time they hear it, it will probably even hurt their feelings, but if mom has already joked around a little with them, they will not be crushed by a long shot. Good job, Mommy.

2. Block Out Anyone Who Says Anything Disrespectful

You can handle this part because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do not let it go farther than this. Don’t let your child be disrespected in your presence. People can say what they want about you. You can’t spend your time chasing people for the thoughts they have about you or your child but don’t allow them to stand in your face and do it. They don’t deserve to hold that spot.

3. Cover the Negative

More than likely, your child doesn’t have nearly as many negative features as you think. Surely, you are overthinking this, but just in case you aren’t, you can cover this area as well. You should focus on cover your child’s negative areas. If your child has a large forehead, then comb a style with a bang. Tons of ideas will help with almost anything you can think of.

Women and men have been doing this for centuries with haircuts and makeup to cover congenital disabilities and skin inconsistencies. A child can use some of the same things. One thing that you can keep in mind is that likely your child will grow into some of those features that you are covering up. A very plump baby with four chins can turn into the thinnest little supermodel in later years. You have to give a child time to grow into who they will be.

4. Focus on the Positive

Of course, you need to accent your child’s positive. They will have plenty. If they have beautiful hair, perfect teeth, long legs, etc. Be sure to accent all of those things. Our children are not perfect, but they are beautiful. Some of their most attractive aspects are their inner beauty. Have you ever met a child that claimed your heart with theirs? Was their personality terrific? They talked to you and smiled from ear to ear? Their little voice was sweet, or they were so shy that it made you just want a hug. Those positives are the ones that will outshine any physical negatives that a child could ever have.

5. Teach Your Child How To Respond

Yes, you want your children to be aware of the people who will say whatever they feel, but your children also have to know how to respond. They should know how to handle disrespectful people quickly. This will avoid long conversations and disputes. Usually, it will just leave people’s mouths hanging wide open. Your child will not be disrespectful either; they can have quick retorts that can be said with a smile ready to go at the drop of a dime.

It would be nice if people would just mind their business and never say things like, “Wow, your eyes are huge.” But they don’t. There are always people who think they have a right to say it, so you have to arm your child with something just for that situation. You have to make sure that they can stand up for themselves when you aren’t around. You have to make sure they won’t be hurt because of what that person says, either.


You can’t choose how you or your children look. Your children will usually look like a mixture of you and the father. Sometimes, not so much. Whatever the case, it is what it is. You may like what you see, or you may not. You have to deal with it. This article lists some ways to help you deal with it. They are:

  • Be Positive, Keep a Sense of Humor
  • Block Out Anyone Who Says Anything Disrespectful
  • Cover the Negative
  • Focus on the Positive
  • Teach Your Child How to Respond

Many others have these same feelings about their children. They have spoken out about how they have dealt with it and what they have gone through.

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