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Help! My Baby Is Pulling His Hair!

A lot of people have the idea that if a baby pulls their hair, it’s a bad thing. However, currently, doctors think that it isn’t bad at all. I mean, of course, you need to catch it early and try to stop the behavior from continuing. It is a healthy baby reaction and can be caused by many things. Most of the things that cause babies to pull their hair are out of the parent’s control but should be monitored, and averted by the parents.

Why do babies pull their hair?

Your baby could be pulling their hair for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is that your baby or child is suffering from trichotillomania. It’s a condition where children and babies pull their hair out of their heads. It’s quite common in babies. The condition is either remedied over time or remains a constant habit that reforms every so often. This isn’t the only reason baby’s pull their hair, but it explains why they always pull out chunks of their hair. There are many other reasons that baby’s pull their hair from stress to comfort. It isn’t uncommon in baby’s, and they do it for a multitude of reasons.

Any other reasons?

Baby’s sometimes pull their hair because it soothes them. Baby’s pulling their hair is a self-soothing technique that baby’s use to cope with stress or anxiety. This could stem from a plethora of things infancy to childhood.

Another reason babies pull their hair is that they want attention, want to play, or are having a lot of fun and are stressed about it. Babies are easily stressed, and this seems to be a quick self-soothing technique for them. Also, babies are often trying to comfort themselves, and they do this by either pulling their hair or twirling it to make themselves feel better. This is also common in kids too, and not just in babies. Babies can start this kind of soothing at the age of 6 months and will continue it well into their first year. While this type of self-soothing is more common in girls than boys, it can affect both of them, and there is no real reason why they choose this soothing mechanism so early on. It’s hard to stop once they develop the habit, so try to stop them.

How can I stop my baby from pulling his hair?

While it can be perfectly harmless for kids to pull their hair or twirl it, if left unchecked, it can turn into a serious problem down the road for your child. Light hair pulls or slight twirling here, and there is okay for you babies and even toddlers, however, when they pull out their hair or won’t hold anything because of it, you need to stop them. Here are a few things you can do to prevent them from pulling their hair when the situation arises. When your baby pulls their hair so much that it becomes a habit, you can do one of the following things, and if one doesn’t work, keep trying on down the list.

  • Giving them a long-haired stuffed animal to hold onto and play with. This way, the baby can pull and twirl on the stuffed animal’s hair instead of their own.
  • When they start to pull their hair, you can pick them up and give them a soothing and gentle cuddle or swaddle to help them de-stress.
  • Offer them something else to hold onto like a favorite toy or a soothing blanket that will take their attention off of pulling their hair.
  • Hand eye-coordination games are fun to play with them. Games like itsy bitsy spider or patty cake. Rolling a cake will help them use their hands rather than pull their hair.
  • Nudge their hands and arms down to rest, and massage the spot on their head that they were pulling from.

These things can help a baby stop pulling their hair. If they keep pulling their hair, you need to stay calm, follow these correction techniques until they stop. Remember, though, light hair pulling and occasional twirling is okay, but if they rip out their hair, then you need to keep up the thwarting efforts as a parent constantly. This is something that can lead to other bad habits like thumb sucking, nail-biting, or other habits. So be sure to intervene before it becomes an issue.

Is this behavior bad?

If your toddler or baby is pulling their hair, it’s nothing bad. They are just stressed or figuring out how to play. However, as a fellow parent, I wouldn’t let the habit continue. You need to shut it down and make it a non-issue before it becomes a big issue. Hair pulling can become thumb sucking and nail-biting in a year or so. Try to remedy it as early as possible. Also, be sure you have things on standby so that when your child starts pulling their hair, you can stop it. Also, remember to be calm and try to soothe them while thwarting their efforts, after all, your baby is stressing out too.


Baby’s pulling their hair isn’t a bad thing in and of itself. However, if they decide to remove chunks of hair out, or are always pulling or twirling their hair, then it becomes an issue you need to deal with. For the most part, this could be nothing more than stress in a baby because of teething, nursing, anxiety, nerves, or a plethora of other reasons. So allow your child to do this, but allow it in moderation. Stay calm with your baby, and they will learn a different soothing method for themselves.

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