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5 Alternatives to Use If Your Baby Is Out of Formula

My baby is out of formula, what can I use? This is a question that can arise when you least expect it. You may be in a cinch to feed your little one late at night or maybe even during a busy day, and you go to reach for the baby formula and find out that you are out! What can you do? Are there any replacements that can be used? Keep reading to find out more about what you can give your baby when you are out of the formula.

1. Quick and Easy Replacement

You may here because you are in a hurry, it’s time to feed your baby, and you just discovered that you are out of the formula. What can you do? That is probably the only question running through your mind. The quick and easy answer is that yes, there is a quick replacement that you can use to soothe your baby and carry them over to their next meal, or until you can get more formula.

One of the best and easiest replacements is whole evaporated milk. This is a good replacement over cow’s milk, etc. because it has the nutrients that your baby needs. It may not be the best answer for long term feeding, but if you need to carry over until you can purchase more formula, this is a great option. It’s the best option in an emergency.

Simply mix evaporated milk, water, and sugar, mix it really well, and then you can feed it to your baby just like you would with any regular formula. If you have anything leftover, make sure you refrigerate it and give it to your baby within three days, if you still need to use any emergency formula.

2. What Milk Alternatives Are There?

Goat’s milk can be a great alternative to give to your baby. Some parents will give goat’s milk to their baby if they have an intolerance to formula or other milk. It’s a great replacement to give your little one. It has all the nutrients needed to help your baby grow and is recommended by many doctors to give to your baby.

Coconut milk and Hemp milk are also great replacements. Whether you want to give your baby a plant-based option or you may just be out of formula and searching your pantry for a healthy replacement, look no further than coconut or hemp milk. Coconut is a great replacement because there are fats in coconut milk that is also found in mother’s milk. This is why a lot of people can recommend offering your baby coconut milk, especially if it’s all you have on hand.

3. Lactating

You can still offer your baby breast milk even if you have not breastfed in a while. As long as you have not gone through menopause, you can still produce milk through your breast. If you are in an emergency and need to feed your baby and do not have any commercial-grade formula on hand, this may be an option for you.

This is an option that takes longer to get results, but if you run into needing to use it, it is always there. If you have had a baby, it’s even easier to Lactaid and gets milk from your breast. You can get your baby to nurse your breast; this will trigger your brain and help to produce milk. If that does not work, you can always try yourself to get the milk flowing. This might not be an option a lot of people use, mostly because it is one that takes longer to get results. But you never know if you may need to use this as an aide.

4. Search Out a Local Food Bank

If you find that you are out of formula and you have some time on your hands, you can always call around to local food banks to see if they have any formula on hand. Some foodbanks keep formula there to give to mothers in need. This is something that you can try if you are getting low on formula or find during an off time that you need more formula.

You can even try to call around to different doctor’s offices and hospitals to see if anyone has any formula that they give to mothers who are in need. These are options that are sometimes hard to use because it can be difficult to reach out. But resources are out there for those that are in need, and if you truly need help, there is no shame in reaching out.

5. Free Samples

There are some doctors and hospitals that also keep free samples around to give out to mothers. If you know of a location that gives out free samples, you can reach out to them to see if you can get enough samples to get you through until you can purchase some more formula. This can be an option that may not be as hard to take as going to a food bank or other community help. When you are out with your baby for check-ups, etc., be on the lookout for a doctor’s office who offers these things. You never know when you may be in a rut and will need to lean on a free sample now and then.


There are plenty of options for you when you are running out of baby formula or have found yourself in an emergency and have no formula at feeding time. There are lots of situations and reasons that a mother may find herself out of baby formula, and there is no shame in looking into other options for providing that meal supplement for your baby. Keep these tips on hand, that way if you ever find yourself in a bad spot, you know exactly how to get out of it.

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