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My Baby Doesn’t Like Hugs!

Anytime you hear your child crying, it is always concerning. The thoughts immediately start to pour into your mind.

What is wrong? Are they hurt?

Most of the time, it is something minor and no real reason for you to worry very much. Occasionally when your children cry, it can even hurt your feelings, depending on the reason they are crying.

If you have ever tried to give your child a hug or cuddle and they have responded by crying, then you are probably familiar with the sting from being rejected by your baby. You do not necessarily need to take it so personally, though.

Most likely, your child does not have any hard feelings against you, and it is something else that is wrong, that is causing them to behave this way. It could even be something that you are doing but is easily changeable, therefore also not a real cause for concern.

Is it you or the baby?

Any time that you find your baby is upset, you need to ask yourself if it is something wrong with the baby or if it is something wrong with you. Sometimes you may be doing something that is causing the baby to be upset. Perhaps you do not smell very good, or maybe you are not holding them well.

Whatever the reason is, you should try to look at yourself first to see if there is any potential reason that you might be upsetting to the baby.

If, for any reason, you are unable to locate a cause that emanates from your self, then you can move on to addressing potential issues that might be disturbing your child. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons a baby might not want to cuddle with their parents.

Ther are reasons your baby doesn’t like hugs.

One of the small joys that parents universally love is getting a chance to cuddle with their baby. Unfortunately, sometimes it does not seem that the baby feels the same way, and instead of being excited, she is rather upset about the prospect of getting to cuddle with their parents. This does not need to be a big deal as there are several reasons your child may be feeling this way, and there are ways to tackle these issues to make them go away.

Hugging might overwhelm your baby.

Believe it or not, babies do not necessarily want to be smothered with love all hours of the day. If you find that your baby is beginning to become resistant to cuddles and, instead of responding happily, is upset, there is a good chance that you may be having them too much attention.

Too much attention is just as overwhelming for a baby as it is for an adult. Take some time away from them without smothering them with too much affection, and they will probably be more receptive the next time that you try.

Your baby might not be feeling well.

Another one of the most common reasons a baby doesn’t want to cuddle is that they simply don’t feel good. This does not mean that they have a serious illness, and you need to take them to the hospital, though. Babies catch colds and other common illnesses all of the time.

Often, parents are not even aware that their children are sick because they do not display symptoms overtly. Instead, it may just seem like the baby is having a few bad days in a row and is a little fussy. Double-check to make sure that the baby does not run a fever or develop other serious symptoms.

Consider the location where you’re trying to hug your baby. Is he/she comfortable there?

For a baby to enjoy cuddling, they need to feel secure. Most of the time, they will fill secure just about anywhere that they have their parents with them. However, this is not always true.

If your child does not want to cuddle but normally does, it may be because they are simply uncomfortable with the location that you guys are currently. You can try to switch locations to see if they respond the same way.

Your baby might want more independence from you, so no hugs.

While most people do not associate babies with independence, believe it or not, they want to be independent too. Although they depend on their parents for all of their needs, they do not want to accept that. Your baby may resist affection if you are not encouraging their independence enough.

Some babies like other forms of affection more than hugs.

Sometimes some babies simply do not enjoy cuddling very much. If you happen to find your self is dealing with a baby that is behaving in this way, you will probably be better off by figuring out what types of affection they enjoy.

They might enjoy quality one-on-one time with you playing some type of game but simply not cuddling. Other times they may enjoy being picked up and carried but not cuddling while sitting down. Experiment to see what kind of affection you can give your child that they respond to the most positively.

Perhaps your baby is in a bad mood, so the hugs may return soon.

Adults and babies both have days that simply are not good for no particular reason. Sometimes when you wake up, you are in a bad mood, and you cannot tell why.

This same kind of behavior can be observed in babies. It does not seem like this is something that developed later on in life, but it is innate with the human condition.

If your child does not seem to want to cuddle, but most of the time, they are fairly open to it, it is quite possible that they simply are having a bad day and that there is nothing more to it.

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