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My Baby Can’t Stay Still

    Babies and children can stay still, and sometimes it’s good. However, a lot of babies and small children don’t sit still. There are some reasons that they won’t sit still, and it can be a range of things from wanting movement to ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in the most extreme cases.

    However, there is no need for concern, especially in babies, as this could just be that they want to move around cognitively or not. They can move in a variety of ways, too, ranging from nursing to sleep.

    Reasons that your babies move a lot

    There are a lot of reasons that kids and babies won’t stay still. I’ll create a simple list for you to follow to know that it is something that could be causing this rather than it being something like ADHD.

    However, sometimes your children and babies may not even move on their own, and they are more than likely, not making a conscious decision when they move. Back to the list, these are the four most common reasons that your babies move around a lot.

    Some children and babies can’t turn down the volume in their heads. Think of it as a sensory overload. They cannot close off their brain from the ordinary senses that we all hear, see, touch, smell, and taste.

    Think of it as a stereo, we listen to it at a low volume, and that’s why we focus better. However, when the radio is turned up, it becomes impossible to focus, and this is why they can’t sit still.

    It’s like a constant party in their brain. They don’t know how to handle it, either because they’re too young or they’re not able to turn it down. This is one of the causes of restlessness.

    The baby or child may have weak muscles. This can enable them to move more often because it became uncomfortable to sit, stand, or lay in one spot.

    Your baby or child who is restless may just need to have a planned exercise routine to be settled.

    As weird as it sounds, some children just need some planned activity to keep themselves from being restless all day. That includes babies too with tummy time when their younger, and let them crawl and later walk for a few hours a day.

    Some kids need to move their bodies to feel at one with their bodies. This could simply be fixed by having them get a period of exercise after a long time sitting down.

    More reasons

    There are many other reasons that your kid could be moving around and why your baby doesn’t sit still or stay still. A child can feel like moving around or not paying attention because they are unwell. This can be caused by something as little as a cold or as debilitating as the flu.

    Their bodies will move around because they cannot play and move, and they are then unable to stay still or pay attention because their sensors are going wild. Other factors could be that they are excited or angry, and that could be making them jittery or moving all over the place.

    Another reason is that they simply have a headache, and their brain is getting swamped by all their senses around them, and they can’t tune into one thing because everything is on full blast. Other causes could be that they are tired, and they simply don’t want to lie down and go to sleep.

    They will make their body move all over the place and won’t lay still. However, with many other deeper rooted issues or a combination of the list above or the paragraph above, this could be a cause too.

    Children and babies do not sit still, and there is a myriad of reasons for this. They can be remedied with some attention by finding out the issue and creating a solution to the problem.

    Babies always move

    Once they learn how to crawl and walk, they are terrors when it comes to keeping them still. Babies are never content. They can’t just sit anymore when they finally learn how to crawl around, and that’s because they want to figure out how their body works.

    However, this can be frustrating to many parents and babysitters as they don’t want to chase them around all the time. While it’s true, the babies want to play around.

    They can also be placed in safe and friendly areas. Some kids do sit and play rather than getting up to run around every second, but some kids just like to move around, and it’s normal for them to do so.

    Tips to survive babygeddon

    (When they’re on the move ALL THE TIME!!) While it seems that your little toddler or baby doesn’t want to sit still, there are some things you can do that will help them stay safe while you’re able to do other things.

    So here’s a list of things you need to keep the baby content while you get some peace of mind.

    1. Get some time to cook by putting your toddler in their high-chair. Give them finger food, and keep them in eyesight.
    2. Keep some new toys on standby. Get a new toy out, and give it to your baby, and they will be entertained long enough for you to reply to an email or to accept a brief phone call.
    3. Baby-proof the house. This will ensure that your baby will not get into anything dangerous and that they will not hurt themselves by walking around the home.
    4. Be sure to put on safety guards for knees when the babies fall and crawl around. This will save them from bruises, scrapes, and ripped or torn clothes.
    5. Remove everything that fits into a toilet paper tube from the floor and any areas the baby can crawl on. This will ensure that they cannot put anything into their mouths that they can choke on.
    6. Move all your belonging to higher shelves. Baby’s like to grab things, that’s just what they do, so if you don’t want to clean up a mess regularly, put them up higher.
    7. An inflatable pool will become your new best friend. No, don’t fill it with water, just fill it with the baby’s toys. This will ensure that they won’t get out and that they are ever entertained.
    8. When you’re out and about, I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but keep an eye on your baby. Even new crawlers and walkers are surprisingly quick. Their life depends on you watching them all the time. So if you ever doubt that they don’t have your sole focus, put them in a seat or a stroller to keep them from running around.
    9. Adjust your schedule and quicken your times. For recipes in the kitchen, shorten them so that you can save time and save longer tasks for after the baby’s bedtime or when they have someone else watching them. This can include cleaning the house, showering, schoolwork, taking out the trash, or any other tasks that take any time to do. It will save you time and energy.
    10. Saving you time and allowing your baby to play and snack is a great way to take a few moments of quiet. Put in a jumper, or put in a door jammer. This will ensure that the baby is entertained while you shower or do something else.
    11. Keep a basket of toys or books in each room for your baby. Why may you ask? The answer is that babies have short attention spans, and while they want to ransack your rooms, they will play for a bit first and enable you to stop them before they make too big of a mess. I know, but we’re almost to the end, I promise.
    12. Germs are inevitable, and you can’t keep your little ones away from them for long. So let them play in the germs. Research suggests that at home, bacteria are usually not harmful, and they can boost the baby’s immune system. However, to be safe, keep clean wipes and sanitizer for the use.
    13. This is a doozy. Remember that this is just a phase. I mean, it is, right? Your baby can’t move around forever. Oh, and another thing, this will be used at various stages for about 18 years. It may be longer depending on if your child decides to stay at home with you. It will help you stay sane.

    Repeat after me, ‘It’s just a phase.’ Good, now you’re equipped with all the knowledge you need to keep you sane and your baby safe.


    While babies may not always want to sit, it’s essential that they at least get occasional exercise. They need to be able to be on the go as much as they can. You just need to learn how to keep them safe and occupied when necessary.

    This is an excellent guide to understanding why babies don’t stop. It’s kind of like when mommy find’s a new favorite store to shop in, or when daddy goes to a sporting event and takes in the field. You can’t contain your excitement for this newfound treasure, and neither can your babies.

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