My Baby Blanket Is Falling Apart

Having your baby’s favorite blanket? As a parent, you might have your child’s favorite covering, which you prefer because of the comfort you associate it with. Or it’s a sentimental blanket that was given to you as a present, and you want to keep its memory alive. 

When your young one’s blanket starts falling apart, you might want to take action to prolong its use. More so when it’s your child’s favorite. It will make you ponder what to do with it to keep using it. We’ll help you get a solution by showing you what you can do to make it useful, either in a different form or in a new shape.

Consider Repairing the Falling Parts

When your baby’s blanket is falling apart because it has spent many days serving both of you, consider mending it. Repairing the falling parts of your baby’s duvet can make it serve you even more. Look for a piece of clothing that is of the same fabric and quality to patch on the falling edges. You can do this by yourself if you know how to sew. Alternatively, you can take it to your tailor and explain what you want to do with your kids’ blanket. Ensure all the falling parts are well stitched to prevent further damage later on.

Change It into a Doormat

Instead of throwing away your munchkin’s blanket, make it serve you in a different form. Shape it perfectly to the size of a doormat and use it as a rag. If the cover is very small or thin that it can’t perfectly work as a mat, make it thick. Let it be two-layered instead.

Use It to Create Decorative Patches on a New Blanket

In case your little one treasures their blanket, you can make it in a new, better form by patching it on a new blanket. Cut out pieces and playfully stitch them on the new blanket to create a new and unique blanket. Make it attractive and appealing to your kids’ eyes so that they accept it. You can add other decorations on it like beads to stop your baby from rejecting It. If they start nagging you about the old blanket, the decorations will confuse them instead of focusing on its beauty.

Make Pillow Casings with the Falling Blanket

When you realize your baby’s blanket is falling apart before they get useless, use it to make pillow casings. It will be useful instead of throwing it away or keeping it back in your wardrobe. Cut the parts that are not severely damaged and sew out pillow casings to serve you over time. If your young one’s blanket were made of soft materials, it would make the most comfortable pillows for your home. You can do this by yourself if you have a sewing machine, but if you do not look for a tailor. Please explain what you want to be crafted from the duvet after giving them your pillows’ right size.

Could You Give It to Your Pets?

Do you have pets at home, why not give them the falling blanket to lie on instead? Spread the covering on the floors where they love spending most of their time. This can prevent you from having pests that live on your pets’ bodies, which can infest your house. It can also stop the pets from fighting over cover if they had fewer or no blankets to provide them with warmth.

Buy a New Blanket

If your baby’s falling blanket is beyond repair, buy a new similar blanket to replace the old one. Look for the exact color and texture to make them believe it’s the other duvet. They can only believe you if they are still innocent and can’t see much difference. But if they are old enough to understand, explain why you are replacing their falling blanket. The explanation and replacing your child’s exact blanket will be necessary, especially when your baby has a deep attachment to their coverlet. When you buy a new blanket, make sure it’s comfortable and meets your kid’s needs.


When your baby’s blanket is falling apart because it has significantly served you for a long time, don’t throw it away. Make something good out of it by being creative. Consider making it into a pillow casing or doormat. You can also use its pieces to patch a new duvet to make it beautiful and still keep its memories alive. In case it’s too old beyond repair, buy a new one.