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My Baby Ate Glue

    It is common practice for parents or teachers to place glue used for craft on surfaces and in easy reach for babies. When left unsupervised, your baby may eat the exposed glue in the process of exploring or playing with it. Glue has very low toxicity and consists of water with a small amount of chemical called polyvinyl acetate. These chemicals move past each other when wet but set firm when dry.

    Why Do Babies Eat Glue?

    Sometimes it’s ridiculous the things that babies decide are worth eating. If not watched, most babies will put anything in their mouths.

    Some glue brands are packaged in beautiful colors, and your baby is likely to get attracted to it. Glue sticks may look like yummy candy to your little one, and if left exposed, your baby will probably have a go at it. Your little glue eater may just be eating glue out of curiosity and to feel what it tastes like.

    Babies may decide to eat glue as a sign of defiance. The more you tell your baby to stop, the more your little one will likely eat the glue. Your baby may be seeking attention or perhaps has a desire to be in control of something.

    Your baby may also eat glue because of stress. Babies often don’t know how to cope with anxiety and do so in weird ways like eating glue.

    What to Expect if Your Baby Ate Glue

    It’s not an emergency if your baby ingests small amounts of glue during moments when not watched. Even so, your baby should not be left exposed to glue unsupervised because eating large amounts of it may cause stomach upset.

    The gastrointestinal tract of your baby may block if your baby ingests too much glue. When the stomach and intestines get affected, your baby will experience some abdominal pain, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.  

    Can Babies Die from Eating Glue

    Your baby will not die from eating glue because of its low toxicity. Besides, there is no nutritional value your baby gains from eating glue.

    The harm caused by eating large amounts of glue does not have lasting damage to your baby. However, care needs to be taken to help your baby avoid the discomfort experienced due to eating glue.

    What to Do When Your Baby Eats Glue

    Before the glue gets to your baby’s mouth, it will possibly be all over the little fingers and on other places. If you find your baby eating glue, first take away the glue bottle and get the baby to a safe place.

    A wet cloth can easily remove the glue. Wipe your baby’s hands and mouth with a soft wet cloth. You may need to wash the little one’s hair if the glue found a way onto the hair strands. After that, have your baby drink some water to help wash the glue down the stomach.

    When to Get for a Baby Who Eats Glue

    Glue is not categorized as baby food, and it doesn’t give your little one any health benefits. If your baby seems to be enjoying eating glue, you can help by keeping it out of your young one’s reach.  If you notice that your baby continues to eat glue and is defiant when stopped, you may have to seek expert advice.

    Eating non-food items may cause infections in your baby’s body. Babies can also choke from ingesting non-food stuff such as glue.  You need to find professional advice if your baby ingests glue and experiences severe bowel problems. Your doctor can help you ascertain if your baby has developed a disorder that is caused by too much eating of non-food items such as; glue, chalk, sand, crayons, and others.


    Even though ingesting glue is not a medical emergency, your baby will experience irritation such as nausea and vomiting. Your baby’s stomach is sensitive, and overeating glue may cause your little one to have a running stomach as well. The best thing to do when you find your baby eating glue is to have your little one drink water and get cleaned up. 

    Sometimes, breaking the glue eating habit may take time, and your baby may start eating other non food items as well.  See your pediatrician for help when your baby consistently or intentionally eats glue and develops a stomach upset that lasts longer than necessary.

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