14 Items Every Mermaid Baby Shower Needs

mermaid baby shower

Mermaid Baby Shower Supply List

Are you ready to welcome your little mermaid into the world? Congratulations! Throwing a mermaid baby shower is the perfect way to do so.

As you know, baby showers require a lot of planning. This is even truer for a themed baby shower party. No need to worry though! Our helpful list of items that every mermaid baby shower needs will take some of the stress out of your planning.

Prepare your phins to take a dip into our list of supplies. These are sure to make your mermaid baby shower one to remember!

Mermaid Party Decoration Kit

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Check out these gorgeous teal and purple mermaid party decorations. This set has a whopping 59 pieces that will make decorating a breeze. Your mermaid baby shower will be complete with balloons, polka dot garland, 30 latex balloons, mermaid confetti, pom-pom flowers, and more.

With these decorations up, you will create a mermaid party ambiance that your guests will surely feel the moment they step foot inside. While other colors can be used, purple and teal are the most recognizable mermaid colors. Moreover, these colors will give your party-goers the feeling they’ve stepped under the sea into a festive aquatic paradise!

MERMAID Cake Topper

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When throwing a mermaid baby shower, your cake should be bedazzled. Mermaids are eloquent, sparkly beings and your cake can personify these traits if done correctly. To start, check out this mermaid cake topper. It is a gorgeous teal color with the iconic purple starfish.

Better yet, this isn’t any mermaid. Take a closer look at the photo – she’s pregnant! The guests attending your mermaid baby shower will appreciate this attention-to-detail. Inside of the mermaid’s belly is an adorable heart cut-out that is sure to wow your guests.

Growing a Mermaid Sash

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What’s more adorable than a sash that says, “Growing a Mermaid”? This mermaid sash is the perfect accessory for moms-to-be to wear to their mermaid baby shower. The sash is one-size-fits-all and should fit most expecting mothers.  It is 67 inches long and made of light pink satin fabric. Topped off with gold lettering, your guests will know you truly planned well and went all-in for your mermaid baby shower.

Mermaid bABY sHOWER Backdrop

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Let’s face it – photos and selfies are beyond popular. At a gettogether, such as a mermaid baby shower, selfies will surely be taken.

If you’re looking for the perfect backdrop for picture taking (or for food), look no further than this mermaid backdrop. This vinyl backdrop is 7×5 feet and will surely cover any food area or photo station. Better yet, it’s light-weight, easy to transport, and will stay wrinkle-free.

Backdrops such as these are widely used and will surely make a splash at your mermaid baby shower.

Mermaid Baby Shower Guest Book

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Having a guest book at your baby shower is very important. They provide attendees the opportunity to write a sweet message to your little mermaid that he/she can read later in life. Next, they’ll provide you and your partner with memories to last a lifetime.

Don’t use just any old baby shower guest book. Use a mermaid guest book for your mermaid baby shower! This particular guest book has spaces for a name, address, advice to the new parents, and a spot to write a sweet message to the unborn baby.

BONUS! This also includes a gift log and keepsake page.

Mermaid Flower Crown Set

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If you want to look like a mermaid, check out this flower crown set! It comes complete with a mermaid crown, a sash, a mommy-to-be pin, and a daddy-to-be pin. The benefit of this set is you’ll allow for your male partner to get involved.

While mermaid baby showers are very feminine, the man in your life will appreciate being to sport a matching daddy-to-pin while you wear your gorgeous teal and blue flower crown.

Mermaid CUPCake Stand

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Cupcakes… mmm! While we can’t suggest you buy your cupcakes from Amazon, we totally recommend this awesome 3-tier mermaid cupcake stand!

Staying true to the teal and purple mermaid colors, this cupcake stand is a must-have for any mermaid baby shower. It is complete with mermaid scales on the inside and is eloquently topped off with a beautiful mermaid.

The tiers have a beautiful flower cut. It stands about 4.5 inches tall and will not bend or easily break. It is the perfect finishing touch and will be the highlight of your table decor.

Mermaid Diaper Raffle Tickets & Book Request Combo

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A popular trend in baby showers these days is asking for a book instead of a card. If this is something you’d like to do, this item is a must-have at your mermaid baby shower.

The book request says, “A small request and we hope it’s not too hard. Please bring a book instead of a card. Your book will be cherished, well-loved or brand new, and each time we read it, we’ll think of you. Write a sweet message on the inside cover, and your words can be cherished over and over.”

To sweeten the deal, these also include diaper raffle tickets at the bottom! The diaper raffle portion says, “Bring a package of diapers, any size, for a chance to win a prize! (optional)”

This combo pack includes 50 cards that are 3×5 inches each.


Teal & Purple Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains

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When having a mermaid baby shower, you want to make it feel aquatic. Allow your guests to feel like they’re swimming under-the-sea with this gorgeous teal and purple curtain.

The best feature of these mermaid curtains is the ease in which you can match these with other decorations. Your mermaid baby shower will likely have purple and teal balloons, banners, confetti, tassels, etc. — With these curtains, you won’t have to worry about everything matching as they were designed with matchability in mind.


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Let’s keep talking about cupcakes. Because, well… cupcakes. These mermaid cupcake toppers are to die for! The brilliant color scheme sparkles from far away, just like a mermaid would!

This 24-piece set includes seahorses, starfish, and mermaid tails. They are safe, durable, and made of high-quality glitter cardstock. While you can’t eat them, their presence alone is enough to make your cupcakes taste even more delicious!

Mermaid Table Cover

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Your guests will undoubtedly spend time eating, so give them something memorable to eat on! Your mermaid baby shower will become more memorable, attractive, and fun with these table covers.

These are much a much better option than using paper. They are made of high-quality plastic, are non-toxic, and are safe to use. Better yet, they’re both spill and waterproof.

These mermaid table covers can be used inside or outside. They have a beautiful design that includes a cute seahorse, a shiny mermaid tail, seagrass, shells, and more!

Mermaid Baby Shower InvitationS

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This is one of our favorite items on the list. These mermaid invitations will immediately set the tone of your mermaid baby shower long before attendees arrive.

They cleverly say, “A little mermaid is on the way! Please join us for…” and is followed by a spot for where, when, and any other notes you’d like to include.

This particular set includes 20 invitations and 20 envelopes. They are two-sided with full color on both sides. As you can see in the photo, the envelope is a beautiful mermaid scale print that will certainly grab one’s attention.

These mermaid invitations are made of a premium, high-quality cardstock and feature a beautiful baby mermaid at the top.

Mermaid Party Tableware Kit

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Don’t use any regular tableware for your mermaid baby shower! If you want to showcase your attention-to-detail, do so with this mermaid tableware kit. Each kit comes with a cutlery bag, table cover, plates, cups, napkins, straws, and utensils.

It has a whopping 146 pieces which are enough to serve 16 guests.

Even the straws are cute! The straws have adorable green and purple stripes. The plates, tablecloth, and napkins all feature a mermaid tail that is sure to match any other decorative pieces you may plan on using.


Mermaid Long Maxi Off-Shoulder Gown

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If you want to somewhat resemble a mermaid without looking like you’re wearing a Halloween costume, this dress is for you.

This mermaid gown can be worn as a V-neck style or off-the-shoulder. It is elegant and made with soft hand-feel fabrics. The designers advertise the gown’s comfort which is ultra important for a busy Mom at a mermaid baby shower.

You’ll have so many photos of this magical moment in your life. Make sure you look great!


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