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How to Make a Toddler Poop When Constipated


How to Make a Constipated Toddler Poop

Parents already know the turmoil that can follow toddler constipation. It’s not just constipation. It’s toddler constipation, and everything’s a bit more complicated when a toddler is going through it. If you’re not familiar with the average bathroom habits of toddlers, you might not realize that toddlers usually have a bowel movement once a day. This is the norm, but as always, the norm can vary.

Not going to the bathroom is only one sign of constipation. The American Academy of Pediatrics also points out that another sign of constipation is large, hard stools that cause a painful bowel movement. So even if your toddler is regularly going to the bathroom, they may strain to go and end up with blood in their stool as a result of constipation.

An infrequent round of toddler constipation is usually nothing to worry about. It’ll happen. Once in a great while, you’ll have to figure out a way to make toddler poop when constipated. You’re a parent. This is part of the job. What you also want to look for is just how frequent the constipation is. If it’s routine, then it might be time to discuss diet or other causes with your doctor, but for the most part it’s just going to be you against the problem. What can you do to make toddler poop when constipated?

Make Toddler Poop When Constipated

Toddler bathroom habits can sometimes be shocking when you first see them. After all, these little boys and girls are just now learning how to use the bathroom. You may have to lift them on the toilet and supervise them. These little human beings are learning literally everything for the first time. So if a bout of toddler constipation hits, they may be frightened or in a bit of pain. They might even cry. This is perfectly normal and if we had to experience constipation again for the first time, we’d probably cry, too. Be gentle with them.

When your child has constipation, you can help make toddler poop by:

  • Crafting a high fiber diet consists of foods like fruit juices (containing sorbitol), fruits, whole grain breads, and even high fiber cereals
  • Making your toddler get more exercise (30-60 minutes a day)
  • Creating a regular bathroom schedule to help put them more at ease in the bathroom
  • Visiting a doctor and getting medication that can help make toddler poop when constipated

No parent enjoys waking up and finding out that their toddler has constipation. Not only is it inconvenient for you and increases bathroom time, but it also can be painful for your toddler. There’s nothing on earth quite as pitiful as a toddler who is in pain, and they will certainly make sure that you’re aware of their dilemma. Most of the time, cases of constipation among toddlers are preventable, so it might be time to look at the causes. Instead of having to make toddler poop when constipated, you’ll get to forego this frustrating experience.

A talk with your toddler about the need to go to the bathroom regularly, done in a simple, easy to understand way can help them know the importance of regular pooping habits. Once they eat, let them know that they can go to the bathroom any time they need you to take them. Showing them that you don’t dread bathroom time is also important. Toddlers live for the approval of parents, and if they sense that you don’t like this bathroom time and see it as an inconvenient part of your day it could affect how often they go as well. You can make toddler poop when constipated, but it’s easier to prevent it in the first place with good diet and letting your child know that you want them to go to the bathroom whenever they need to.

What Causes Constipation

After having to make toddler poop when constipated, you might be wondering what caused this unpleasant situation. There are a few things that cause constipation among toddlers, but by far the most common cause is diet. Processed foods and fast foods are a notorious culprit of toddler constipation and the less of those things in your toddler’s diet the better. Other normally healthy dairy foods can also cause you to have to make toddler poop when constipated. Too much dairy is frequently a cause.

Fluid consumption is an integral part of healthy pooping habits. If you don’t give your toddler enough of the right fluids – water namely – constipation episodes may follow. Make sure that your toddler consumes the right amount of fluid everyday, and you won’t find yourself having to make toddler poop when constipated as often. How much water your toddler should drink depends on weight.

Finally, holding in bowel movements are something that toddlers often do. They’re living busy lives after all. They may have a favorite TV show, friend, or toy that prevents them from wanting to go to the bathroom. After all, this is completely new to them and often as inconvenient for them as it is for you. Bathroom time isn’t exactly fun for a toddler. So if they have the urge to go, they may try their best to hold it in and continue doing whatever fun thing they’re doing at the moment. And for a toddler, so many things are more fun than bathroom breaks.

A Game Plan To Battle Toddler Constipation

If your toddler has been experiencing constipation and you’re committed to eliminating it, mostly, from their life, you have a lot of options. For one, you can completely structure their diet to be anti-constipation. This means making sure they get enough fluids, have enough fiber in their diet, and don’t consume a lot of processed foods. You can speak to your pediatrician about other anti-constipation friendly foods that can really cut down on your need to make toddler poop when constipated. Your toddler’s diet will usually be the primary culprit for constipation, and its vital to make sure that fiber and un-processed foods with plenty of water.

If you try these methods and your toddler is still constipated, it’s time for a trip to a pediatrician. While you can definitely make toddler poop when constipated, they should not constantly be experiencing constipation unless the above mentioned practices are neglected. If they’re getting plenty of fiber and fluids, there could be an underlying condition causing the constipation. Although they may be secretly holding in their bowel movements, it’s still better to be safe than sorry and consult your pediatrician.


Constipation is rarely serious and will usually resolve itself with a few simple diet changes and more liquids. The fact remains, though, that toddlers can experience pain while constipated, and a parent’s job is to protect a child from pain. If your little one is struggling, you can make toddler poop when constipated and help them avoid the pain of constipation with better dieting decisions and perhaps even having a talk with them about holding in their poop when they need to go. If all else fails, there’s always the faithful pediatrician’s office to discuss these problems. Medications will sometimes come in handy in those tougher cases of constipation.

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