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7 Tips for Leaving Hospital After Having Baby

Do you remember your friends and family telling you, “Oh, You’ll forget the pain after the baby is here”? Well, that is not necessarily true. What is true, however, is, you only will be leaving the hospital with the baby for home following the birth just one time, so be sure to enjoy the time that you have before rushing to get right back home and into a routine. Here are some tips for appreciating the transition of going from hospital to home.

Send Stuff Home Early

The first thing that you want to think about before leaving the day of is to have someone take stuff that you do not need right away home. This means that if you packed extra and do not need the extra, send it home early with someone, so it is less to carry out the day of. This means that all the balloons and cards and flowers you received from people should go home the day before you leave the hospital. This will be ideal not only to make it easier to get out of the hospital but also to be sure that the baby is not cramped in the car with things blowing around near its face or causing a reaction to something in the car.

Go Baggy

When it comes time to go home, think about how you want to be comfortable for the ride. No matter if you delivered vaginally or through a c-section. Either way, the baggy clothes will allow you to be more comfortable when sitting for the ride home. The baggy clothes will allow for any incisions to be less likely to be tugged on.

Transportation Should Park Close

When it comes to leaving the hospital, ask your driver or partner to park as close as they possibly can to the front of the hospital. This is very important for the moms who are already sore and are unable to walk long distances following the delivery of the baby. It will also be ideal if you end up leaving the day with more items than you originally thought you had. You will thank us later for this tip.

Walk Slow

A new mom is going to be cautious about how her baby is responding to leaving the hospital. A new mom is going to be sure to be careful while holding onto her latest pride and joy. This new baby will teach the new mom how uncomfortable it can be to carry a new baby and other items at the same time. That is why it is important to have patience while transporting from the hospital to home. Be sure not to rush the trip.

Car Seat Checked In

A problem area that most new parents have with a new baby is making sure that the car seat is secure in the car the right way. If you are unsure if the seat is in properly, ask someone on the floor of the hospital to check it or help to install it the right way. They should be willing to help you out to ensure that the baby is well cared for when leaving the hospital. If you are unable to get someone from the hospital to do this, you can always check in with your local fire department. Most of the fire departments will inspect the vehicle and the position of the car seat without much of a hassle.

Help? Yes, Please

When it comes to a new baby, most parents will find out how easy it is for others to volunteer their time to help around the house or to help watch the baby. While it is not ideal for the baby to be babysat at first, there might be some hope in allowing others to sit for the baby. Think about who has volunteered and thought about the amount of time that you are not going to get sleep-wise now that there is a new addition to the family.

With the thought of others volunteering, you should take them up on their offer. Why? Well, the answer is simple, because you will need your rest to be a better and understandable mother or family. The help could be in the form of allowing others to bring meals to the family or simply coming over to help with the housework. If they offer to sit with the baby while you shower or while you sleep for just a little bit of time, this would be ideal and probably one of the best solutions for things you can do when leaving the hospital with a new baby.

Expect the Unexpected

There may come a time that you end up leaving the hospital without your precious new addition. There may come a time when the baby develops jaundice so severe that it requires more time at home than it does in the hospital. When this happens, just know that your baby is in great hands and that they will treat your baby as they treat one of their family members.

When planning to go home without the baby, if you live too far away, consider renting a place close to the center of your city or town to ensure that you have access to your baby when you need it. For moms who are breastfeeding, this is especially important. You want to make sure that your baby is still being nourished in a way that you want them to be. This means nursing the baby when the time comes as well as making sure that you are there for any decisions that may end up needing to be made.

Ask about the different places close by to the hospital and ask them if they offer a discount for those who are attending the hospital. There may be several places that offer this discount without advertising the discount. It would be best to call and ask them about their discounts and go from there.

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