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Is Travis Love Bombing Kourtney Kardashian?

    Travis Barker is 100% love bombing Kourtney. I’m worried about her. I have a bad feeling about how their relationship will end, and this article documents my concerns.

    I know about narcissism. I’ve recently had my fair share of a narc or two. I watched so much of narcissist expert Dr. Ramani, to the point when I hear her voice, I feel like I’m hearing my mother speak. That’s how soothing she has become for me; I was engulfed in the world of narcissism.

    I more than familiarized myself with love bombing and all the narcissism lingo. Travis Barker appears to love bombing Kourtney Kardashian. Currently, he is idealizing her, acting like she’s perfect. With idealization comes love-bombing, which is very evident in the show.

    Moving to Calabassass years ago to be close to Kourtney?!

    First of all, I don’t even think it’s true. Travis made this up on the spot because Kris eats up everything he says. Kris’ reactions to Travis’ love bombing of Kourtney provide him with much validation. The validation from Kris Jenner is a pure narcissistic supply to Travis Barker on his pursuit of love bombing Kourtney.

    The fact Kris thought this was so sweet shocked me. To me, it’s a huge red flag. So, he has been calculating this hunt for Kourtney for years? When Kris told this to Kourtney, her body language looked a little uncomfortable too. I think Kourtney has a clue that this love from Travis might be unnatural.

    Kourtney seems like she has been through so much therapy. If she’s communicating any of this to her therapist, maybe that’s why her body language seemed uncomfortable. Travis is love bombing her, and I think Kourtney herself even realizes it. But, will she ever say so? Most likely not because of the TV show.

    Travis wants to marry Kourtney every week for a year. Total love bomb!

    Ok, hard no. That’s insane. Notice how Travis said it in a car with her family around. He’s doing this because he has an audience. Travis is doing it for himself. He’s saying these things not for Kourtney’s benefit but for how it makes him feel. How can it be fun to get married every week for an entire year?

    His motivation for love bombing Kourtney is to get a reaction from his audience. At that time, the audience was Kourt’s family in the car. Eventually, the audience was all of us at home.

    Nothing about what he said was genuine. It was 100% lovebomb language…and not covert either!

    Constant PDA is Travis love-bombing Kourtney.

    It’s so intentional. It doesn’t even feel coincidental anymore. It’s like the PDA is an act… part of their carefully crafted brand. All the PDA is meant to make us turn a blind eye to the obvious red flags in their relationship. I feel very little is genuine from Travis in this relationship. The PDA seems fraudulent for some reason. It lacks authenticity and somewhat the same feeling as watching Amber Heard on the stand. Just something feels off.

    Travis makes over-the-top declarations of love for Kourtney.

    What isn’t over the top about these two? Even the crazy rituals they do together can be a form of love bombing. It’s just unhealthy, period. Although they’ll have you believe the opposite. Travis and Kourtney believe all their cult-like rituals are healthy. But really, it’s just part of Travis continuing to love bomb Kourtney.

    Travis and Kourtney have a very carefully crafted image.

    Before Hulu, Kourtney pretty much wanted to leave the show entirely. She was so private and not into the idea of filming. So, it makes sense that now she wants everything to appear perfect in her life with Travis. Therefore, Kourtney might be more accepting of the love-bombing because she also benefits from it. She might think it looks like she’s in a healthy relationship now. But, to the trained eye, it’s obvious she traded one unhealthy relationship for another.

    Perhaps Scott was even healthier than Travis because at least Scott is going through the process of getting his life together. Scott seems lighter than Travis. Travis has a dark light around him, almost Satanic to me. Scott feels much more human, despite his mistreatment of Kourtney.

    Kourtney is part of this carefully crafted image she and Travis portray of their relationship. She even mentioned that when she talked about how unhappy she was about the proposal being edited to be so much about Scott.

    Does Kourtney like being love bombed by Travis?

    I’d imagine Kourtney is so tired of the drama surrounding Scott that she is pleased to have the audience at home thinking she’s in a healthy relationship now. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s in a healthy relationship. If I were Scott, I wouldn’t be so upset about the engagement or feel like he’s out of the family.

    Kourtney traded her unhealthy relationship with Scott for an unhealthy relationship with Travis. They are just at different opposites of the spectrum.

    Scott played the discard and hoover too much on Kourtney. She can see the cycle now with Scott. Give her some more time; I trust she’ll see the cycle with Travis too. Although, Travis seems spiritually much darker than Scott does. I hope this doesn’t stop Kourtney from waking up to the truth.

    Travis makes grandiose gestures for the family.

    Why does Travis have to involve the family so much? Yes! Travis is love-bombing Kourtney and the entire family! Like how he wants so badly to record a song with Kris Jenner and have Peneople playing the drums on a separate occasion. How he made sure to collaborate with them all so closely for her proposal…. to the point he even got it wrong when it came to involving her kids. Travis is doing everything he can to lovebomb the entire Kardashian klan, and Kris seems to be eating it up the most.

    Moving way too quickly!

    It is mental gymnastics to convince yourself Travis and Kourtney are not moving too fast and that everything is healthy in their relationship. Seriously. The love bombing is so evident that arguing otherwise would require serious mental gymnastics.

    Travis only love bombs Kourtney if there’s an audience.

    Travis only does this when he has an audience. Take note of that. There are no love bombing scenes when it’s solely Travis and Kourtney. Travis only lovebombs with an audience. At the time of filming, the audience is everybody around him. For a selfish, I think even the camera people can be narcissistic supply.

    Eventually, Travis knows he will get a second audience after some time when the show airs. So eventually, you and I will be watching his love-bombing of Kourtney. Except we react much more skeptically than Kris Jenner, who eats it up.

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