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Is My Toddler Possessed?

Help! Is My Toddler Possessed?

Before heading into such a matter as child possession, I must admit something. I don’t know which issue I find more interesting. The fact I am writing about the subject or the amount of information I found on the subject. It is an issue in which many parents show concern.

At one time or another, we have all been witness to such an event—a small child, usually 2 to 3 years old, throwing a tantrum. I know I’ve seen my fair share, whether my child or someone else’s. And depending on the severity, it can be borderline disturbing to frightening.

I am the oldest of three children, and I can remember my sister, the only girl in the family, behaving in such ways. She would hold her breath and turn blue if she didn’t get her way. She showed every sign of demonic possession just short of her head spinning around and spewing green-pea soup. Ironically, today she is a minister. I couldn’t make it up.

Enough of my family history. Here is some information I found and some words of wisdom concerning the question, is my toddler possessed?

It’s a Part of Brain Development

Perhaps the very first sign of an aggressive nature is leaving a mark. A mark in the perfect impression of their teeth, however many they have. The biting reflex is a coping mechanism. And since your little monster has no self-control (yet), it may be repeated over and over.

A small child’s brain is a brain under renovation. The renovation lasts until adulthood. As they grow older, new ‘wings’ are constructed in their brain, which will facilitate reasoning and self-control. The reflex of biting is natural and should subside.

The throwing of temper tantrums is the same. It is a coping reflex. A child only knows one way. His way. When your way is not his way, lookout, they can’t react as we do. Instead of removing themselves from the situation to calm down, they react. The only way they know-how. Violently and all at once. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Pushing the Envelope

As soon as humanly possible, your toddler will learn to push their limits. They want to see just how far mom or dad will let them go. When parents intervene and push back, your child will react accordingly. There will be a sudden blast of wind in the room, and they will levitate. No, seriously, the reaction will more than likely be in the form of a tantrum. And depending on the severity of the situation, it may be a bad one.

Learning limits is a huge part of learning in itself. And when your little self-centered demon thinks they are unjustly treated, they retaliate. Maybe you have explained over and over, launching mashed potatoes is not okay. They know how you are going to react, but they will do it anyway. Satan himself is not telling your child to act out. The child is pushing his or her limits. You’ve been warned.

When Timeout Doesn’t Work

Sometimes the ‘timeout’ approach is the way to go. Sometimes they return more determined than ever to get what they want. Perhaps a ‘timeout’ is not the way to handle some children.

Some children require a more direct approach. Now don’t run out to the local church and request Holy Water and a Cross. But do take a page from the Bible. An eye for an eye. If the child bites, bite him back (gently). Next, if the child screams, scream back (gently). Lastly, if the child pulls your hair, pull theirs (gently). Give them what they are giving.

Some children in which ‘timeout’ doesn’t work may take it as mom simply doesn’t want to deal with me. And they may return with bigger plans to get their way. After all, mom is only going to make me sit in my room. Sneaky, huh?

Tantrum Timetable

So you still aren’t convinced he or she isn’t possessed? Start taking some notes. Note at what time of the day these tantrums happen. If you see a pattern, then make some more notes about the conditions leading up to the tantrum.

Is it just before mealtime? Is it just before nap or bedtime? There may be a very simple, fixable underlying cause of all of these issues. And these are some conditions you can explore into ways to eliminate the tantrum trigger.

Who wouldn’t throw a fit if they were hungry and not being fed? Sleepy and not getting to sleep or getting enough sleep. You may have all the answers and not even realize it.

Does Mom Just Need a Break?

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a daily ordeal in which a parent could become mentally and physically exhausted. And not realize it. Perhaps you need a break. Just a few hours away from the child may give you a whole new outlook. A ‘timeout’ for mom if you will.

It could be you think your child is possessed. And all the while, you are looking at the situation through very tired eyes. What may seem demonic may seem a bit more normal after clearing your head.

And don’t think you are a bad parent is asking for a break. Use your time away from the child to have someone else take a peek at the toddler’s behavior. You may be surprised at the way a more seasoned parent views these outbursts.

If all else fails, consult your local priest. Just kidding.


As mentioned at the beginning, a child’s tantrum can be frightening. If your child is frightening you, then instead of the local priest, go to the child’s doctor. Explain both how the child is acting and how it makes you react. There is bound to be some common ground to be reached in the matter. Don’t panic. Your toddler is just a toddler.

Maybe now is the time for a bit of love and affection.

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