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19 Tips If Your Toddler Is a Late Talker

1. Talk to Your Child from Birth

Talking to your child from the time they are born is a great way to begin to teach them words. Your child’s hearing is one of the first parts to develop. It means you can start teaching your child words by showing the object while talking.

2. Respond to Coos and Babbling

Your child’s babbling and coos may not sound like anything, but they are your child’s way of talking. You need to respond to your child’s noises no matter how silly they sound. It will encourage them to keep talking and slowly develop words.

3. Play Patty-Cake and Peek-A-Boo

If you are like most parents, then you just naturally start it with your child. It may sound odd to connect these games to help your child talk, but they do help. Your child will learn the words through the repetitive hearing of the words during play.

4. Talk to Your Child A Lot

A great way to encourage your child to talk is to talk to them a lot. You can start it with them when they are young and should continue it as they grow. You can talk about anything to your child, such as describing what’s happening.

5. Read to Your Child

Reading to your child throughout their life is a great way to teach them to talk and new words. When your child is beginning to learn words, read the book where they can see the words. It allows them to connect the words with the pictures.

6. Sing to Your Child

Another great way to teach your child words is to sing to them their favorite songs. You can do very simple songs which are aimed at children or songs aimed at adults. The repetition of words in a song helps them learn those words and feelings.

7. Use Gestures while Talking

Gesturing is a great way to teach your child words, such as gesturing to items while saying the word. Some parents go as far as to use sign language as they talk to their children. You can help your child learn the name of basic items.

8. Don’t Force Your Child to Talk

You should never force your child to talk if they do not want to talk. Your child will begin to talk in their own time when they are ready. All you can do is encourage them to talk and help them if they are having trouble.

9. Expand on What Your Child is Saying

A great way to encourage your child to talk is to expand on what they say. For example, if your child says apple, then you ask them if they want an apple. You should always encourage the words they say but expand on what they said.

10. Describe to Your Child What They are Doing

It may sound odd to say you should describe everything to your child, but it is true. Describing what your child is doing in detail will help them make connections to the words. You should focus on describing the different activities your child is currently doing.

11. Focus on Your Child When They are Talking

No matter what sounds your child might be making, you need to focus on them. Your child is trying to communicate in their way and how they know to talk. If you do not acknowledge them when they are talking, they could become very discouraged.

12. Encourage Your Child to Tell Stories

Having your child tell stories is a rather important thing to help your child with their talking. If you sit calmly and listen to your child tell a story, you will be encouraging them to talk. Children are naturally full of stories of different interesting plots.

13. Include Talking in One-on-One Playing

Playing is a great time to help your child with their talking and learning new words. You can make it a game which involves a lot of talking, such as a grocery store game. There are plenty of interactive games to be played, even matching games.

14. Plan Family Outings

Family trips are a great way to introduce your child to a whole new words. You get to spend time with your family and introduce your child to a whole new world. With the whole new world being exposed to them, new words come with the sights.

15. Explain Family Photos to Your Child

Family photos are something that your child will most likely be very interested in. You can show them the wonderful pictures of their family and tell the stories of the photo. It helps your child learn family-oriented words, such as grandpa, grandma, and cousin.

16. Ask Lots of Questions

Questions are a great way to encourage your child to use their words. You will be encouraging them to put into words what they are wanting, such as a drink. You can use questions to help them expand on words they are saying to you as mentioned above.

17. Don’t Criticize Mistakes

A child can become easily upset if you do not watch your words or expressions. You should never criticize your child in any way even if they are not around. A child will always know when you criticize them and will become rather upset enough to stop trying.

18.Join Your Child’s Activities

A great chance to encourage your child to talk is to join in with what they are currently doing. It can also help you build a strong connection with your child by spending time alone with them. Your child is likely to talk to you while you are doing the same as them.

19. Encourage Playdates With More Developed Children

Having playdates is always a great thing for your child. If your child is having a slow time in the beginning to talk, other children might encourage them to talk. Your child might not feel confident to talk to an adult just yet.

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