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14 Signs Your Toddler Is a Genius

toddler on laptop

Is my toddler a genius?

All parents have a solid belief that their toddler is a genius. That is because, in their eyes, he or she is! Children develop at different rates. Some are early walkers and talkers, while others take their time showing off their skills. What makes a toddler a genius? Who decides what a genius is when it comes to toddlers? A genius is defined as a person with exceptional intellectual ability. Mensa is the high IQ society that covers the world. To qualify for Mensa, one must have an IQ of 132. There are some signs to look for in a toddler that will help you to understand their intelligence level. A genius or gifted toddler prefers the company of like-minded children or adults. Rather than playing outdoors with other children, a gifted toddler may be found hanging with the adults and taking part in the conversation.

The Usual Milestones

Determining if a toddler is ready for challenging life begins very early on. These toddlers will reach and surpass the quoted milestones earlier than the average child. Many of these toddlers have an increased vocabulary, which includes many not so common words for his or her age. Along with the vocabulary, the toddler will use the words in a complete sentence with the correct definition. Their sentences tend to be complex.

Reading Ability

This is classified as more than enjoying being read to. They begin to pick up the skills to begin reading early on. The toddler will begin to read the book themselves, long before the parent expects. They have a hardy reading appetite. Many parents find that it is not just children’s books they enjoy. Many progress into teen and young adult books (or even informational texts that they enjoy!)


Theirs is not an ordinary curiosity. When they ask questions, they require a complete meaning. If there is a portion that they do not have an answer to, they continue asking. They want to know every tiny detail about how the world works, why the animal eats what it does, why the sky is blue. You may find the toddler trying to take toys apart to understand how they work.

Observation and Recognition

The genius toddler will notice the patterns or repetitive habits in different things. From colors to letters or shapes, these patterns will not be dismissed by the gifted toddler. They tend to remember everything they see and do, and will quite often leave the parent amazed at the memories they hold.


A gifted toddler or genius will have a heavy interest in their favorite subject. The interest they hold about this is immense. They may know details that others would ignore as small, but ultimately are part of the big picture. They may know how many toes each prehistoric dinosaur had, or the number of horns on each.

The Company They Keep

You will learn early on that a genius or gifted toddler will choose to spend more time with an adult than other children. That is because the intelligence level is similar. The toddler has difficulty relating to the peers. These children need to be taught empathy and social skills relating to their age range. These gifted toddlers will become bored very easily in preschool, which will lead to stimulating conversations with the teacher.

Determination to Learn and Understand

Many parents find that their little genius will keep at a project until they have mastered it. These toddlers have an immense attention span. Nothing will deter them from their mission, except the solution.

Natural Born

Many of these gifted or genius toddlers seem to be natural-born leaders. They are like a magnet that draws in followers. These leaders can take charge and also regulate their performance, and they always seek out ways to improve the plan. For instance, when playing Catch the Flag, this little leader will pick out certain other people in the group and tell them which way to run. This is likely based on their understanding of size and capability, which would be the likeliest to come out on top.

Not Like the Others

These toddlers will offer their logic to an issue. They will give their own unique and original thoughts on how to solve a problem. Their mind is racing between how many ways they can find, which is the best, how does this happen, and why?

Achieving Greatness

A genius or gifted child will not settle for the usual. They desire to ask questions, find answers, and then develop more answers. This toddler will have an understanding of some world events, more so than expected for the age group.

Humor in a Song

A gifted toddler will have an intense interest in music. They have a developed sense of humor for one so young. Your toddler will know the lyrics to many of their favorite songs. They have an understanding of the difference between children’s music and adult music, and they prefer anything over child songs.


In social settings, your toddler may be either an introvert or an extrovert. The extrovert will naturally become the leader of his or her group. The introvert will be the one that sits back to gain a deeper understanding of the who, what, and why of the situation.

Justice Prevails

A mom and dad will learn early on that this little Einstein will have his or her eyes on all things to ensure fairness and equality. For example, when passing out a treat, you innocently give another child one more piece of candy then you gave your toddler. You can be sure that this will be pointed out to you, and he or she will expect a remedial action to happen.

Aware and Running

These toddlers are very aware of their surroundings. They have a high activity level that seems endless. This behavior began as an infant and has not slowed down one iota. However, this would not be the same energy as a hyperactive child.

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