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5 Warnings Signs Your Toddler Is a Brat – Ouch.

baby brat dressed as devil

Is My Toddler a Brat?

All parents want their children to be able to grow up to be individuals with good manners. Many aim for this goal and, for the most part, accomplish it. There are going to be a number of issues when trying to achieve such a goal—such as your child simply acting rebellious to some degree. For many, it is unavoidable and simply most be dealt with. There are signs to see when one wishes to know if their child is growing up to be bratty. Be on the lookout for such signs. Be sure to try to discipline your child in a respectable manner properly.

1. Toddler Jealousy

One sign to tell if your child has bratty behavior is by the jealously your child shows. It is not too surprising for a child to show signs of jealousy with you or a sibling. One that means is if your child throws a bit of a fit if the toddler does not have your attention. It is acceptable at a certain age for children, but as kids get older, it can become more tedious. When your child starts to get older and understand more, look out for this.

Try not to overact if the jealously happens on a few occasions. It’s nothing to worry about if the child is still a few months. However, if your child shows this constantly at an older age, be sure to handle the situation. If you are showing affection to someone or an animal and the child tempers, handle the situation. Be sure to let your child know, the behavior is not acceptable. Be sure to spend time with your child but still handle other responsibilities. The child could be simply wanting attention every moment. Let the child know about his or her importance toward you, but do not spoil the child too much.

2. Not Sharing

Another sign that is bratty behavior is not sharing. When an infant, it is understandable, a child might have issues when sharing. As a toddler grows older and understands more of the world, sharing should not be a major issue. If a child, for example, chooses not to share lunch with another child, it’s understandable to an extent. If a child asks of their lunch by another child and refuse, it is reasonable. A child does not have to share their items all the time. However, it is an issue when share child wants but does not give.

If your child wants to have an item but never gives one in return, it becomes an issue. Look for such signs, especially if the child acts up. If your child never learns to share but can take, it will cause issues in the future. It is best to try to let the child know the behavior is not acceptable. Let the child know he or she needs to share back if they want something. Let your child know it is not okay to take advantage of others in such a manner. It would be best to teach your child such a lesson before entering school.

3. Entitled Toddlers

Entitlement is a huge factor when it comes to bratty before. Many children can grow up to act in such a way if given too much without show appreciation. One way to see if your child is entitled is by looking at his or her behavior wanting something. See how your child reacts if you are at a place of interest he or she has. Such as the mall, candy store, or a toy store. If you feel as if your child deserves a toy, provide one.

Otherwise, when the child acts up, it is a clear sign of entitlement. If merely upset with a slight pout, then it is no huge concern. However, if the child screams and yells, that is a huge sign. The same rule applies if the child constantly wants and demands an item and throws a fit. Do not give in to their rude behavior. Tell the child no toy will be given until proper behavior is shown. Tell your child the longer a toy is demanded, the less likely it will be given. Instruct the child toys will not always be given at every opportunity.

4. Toddler’s Diet

It is no surprise that children love fast food. It is a quick and convenient meal for both children and adults to enjoy. However, there are times where your child can become too dependent on their food. As much as you wish for your child to be happy, feed him or her a nutritious meal. Let the child know fast food will be given other days. Children will generally be upset by doing such an action. However, their health comes first at the end of the day. If your child gets extremely huffy and cries when denied fast food, it is a sign. It is a huge sign when nutritious food is already available at home. Give your child more home-cooked meals. If you have no time, check out local restaurants for healthy meals.

5. Not Listening

Rebellions are something that several parents will deal with when raising a child though constant rebellion and disrespect are not to be tolerated. If your child constantly disobeys your orders, it is a huge sign. Do not let such a thing become constant. More specific signs are if the child stays up late or does not put of toys. When a toddler, it is more to be expected and slightly tolerated.

As the child gets older, your child becomes much more aware. Do not simply brush it off as nothing and allow the child to do as he or she pleases. Such behavior can not go on, or it could transition in the child’s adult years. Be firm with your child, but also be fair with your child.

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