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Is My Baby Mad at Me for Going Back to Work?

It takes many careful considerations for a mother to decide to go back to work after childbirth finally. By this time, you probably have a powerful maternal bond. The routine you have with your child is fulfilling. Nothing is so rewarding as being a witness to your child’s day-to-day development and playing a role in it.

Despite the challenging days, in the beginning, you coped well and were an overcomer. With everything beautiful around you, the time to go back to work comes. It means having a completely different schedule. It means fewer hours with your child. It is stressful when you think of it, but you’ve got to do it, anyway.

The first few days will prove tough to you and the baby as you adjust to the new setup. The baby’s reaction might send you thinking. The child might be moody or may cry a lot. Does this mean they are mad at you? Of course not. The baby is going through separation anxiety.

We are here to help you understand your position better. We also seek to share ideas that will help you keep the bond with your baby healthy. Both you and your baby will stay connected even as you provide for your family.

Does Your Child Suffer When You Go to Work?

Because you think that your child is mad at you for going back to work, it doesn’t mean he’s suffering. By the time you decided to work, you had in place all the measures to ensure his happiness and comfort. Provided he is in the best care; you need not worry. The only problem that he has is separation anxiety.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Since you accustom your baby to your presence daily, the realization of some change affects them. You notice that he cries a lot whenever you leave. He also clings to you when he discovers you are about to leave.

As a mother, the same anxiety might affect you. You may find it challenging to cope with the absence of your child. Constant worry about his well-being is also a common factor. Sometimes you may even feel guilty about leaving the child behind. You may then question your priorities and credibility as a parent.

How then can you work without having mixed feelings about it all? You may not help but worry about your child, but how can you balance it with work?

Tips on How to Resume Work After Maternity Leave

Leaving for work is inevitable. Do you sneak out on your child? Some parents do this. Sadly, it affects your child negatively as it makes him anxious every time you are around. To the child, you may leave at any moment. He, therefore, becomes watchful and restless.

Although difficult for you to say goodbye, it is necessary to do it in a calm and happy tone. Children are sensitive and can sense if you are sad. If you are unhappy, the child becomes unhappy too. Leaving the child openly, without sneaking out, reassures the child of your presence. You may affirm it with an assurance of seeing them later.

Depending on where your child will be as you go back to work, you can make early preparations. Here’s what we mean. Maybe a week or days before going back to work, you can start gradual separation from the child. If you plan on using a daycare facility, you can begin dropping the child there as you pick him in the evening. It will help you and the child to get used to the idea of being apart.

As you work, you can make a routine that will help you have time with your baby. You can leave home at specific times and come back at set times. Your child will feel better knowing when to expect you back. You will both cope well as you look forward to your reunion times.

Bonding with Your Baby as You Work

It is crucial to maintain and even increase the bond you had with your baby. You can make use of the precious moments at home to work on this bond. As you feed your baby, make it quality time. As you satisfy his hunger, you can make time to cuddle him a bit.

You can as well make the most of the bath time. You can make these times special by teaching your child and conversing with him. In such moments, you will also be able to assess the child’s development. A nice massage will be a great way to finish the bath. The massage will flicker the feelings of attachment in your baby.

Reading stories for your baby, holding him, and kangarooing are other helpful ways to consider.

The Takeaway

Like the child, a mother also suffers from separation anxiety. The baby might seem mad at you, but he’s only dealing with the thought of being away from you. All this will pass. In the meantime, you can make the most of your time together to maintain the bond between you.

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