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Is Breast Milk Vegan?

Different diets have proved to be more beneficial and healthier for the human body. People who have lots of allergies or who care about the environment and animals like to participate in a vegan diet. Veganism can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. But when it comes down to babies and infants, it is an interesting question to consider if breast milk is vegan. If you want to have your child on a vegan diet, then should you formula feed versus breastfeed? Consider these fun facts about vegan diets and infancy.

What Is Vegan?

The very first question that you should consider is what does vegan means. People often have varying opinions on the meaning of vegan based on what mission they are looking to accomplish. Vegan diets are often in favor of animals. People who participate in a vegan diet are often looking for healthier ways to add protein to there diet. But in the end, all vegans can agree that the basis of vegan description is whether or not it is a product that an animal gives up willingly.

The Perfect Food

All animals must feed there young. This is why God, or whatever higher being you want to believe in, constructed animals and humans to be able to produce the perfect food for there young. There are many benefits to breastfeeding. Breast milk has natural antibodies and vitamins that help a child with growth and fighting off illness. Although formula also has great products to help fight off illness, it is nothing compared to human breast milk. This is because a mother can fight off an illness, then her body will create specific antibodies for the illness to pass through breast milk to the infant. This is why breast milk is vegan breast milk. It is the perfect, natural food for the animal it was made for. To check out information on the perfect food and the meaning of vegan breast milk check out this post from PETA.

The Experience

Breastfeeding, no matter what mammal it is, is often about the bond. Have you ever wondered how a mother knows her babies cry, even when introduced to other babies? Because they have a very special bond, for some people, that bond is made through breastfeeding. This bond is what helps us feel that unnatural need to protect our child. This bond is what helps us know what our child needs before they can even say words. This is another reason why breastfeeding is considered vegan. It is a natural way for mother and child to bond. This bond is unlike any other on the planet. Not even the closest married couple can bond like a mother and child. To read more about the experience of breastfeeding and how it pertains to a vegan lifestyle, check out this post about vegan breastfeeding misconceptions.

Sufficiency of a Vegan Diet

If you are even concerned with the question of whether or not breast milk is vegan breast milk, then you are likely vegan breast milk. The next question after that is typical, will my vegan diet support a breastfeeding child. A vegan breast milk mother often will need to supplement her diet slightly. There are many great oatmeal and protein bars out there that can help increase milk flow. Also, vegan breast milk mothers often need to add more carbs. Breastfeeding takes a lot out of a mother, and the body will give to the baby before taking care of itself. So a vegan mother might become too thin or have tooth problems. This is because the body is giving everything to the child. However, this is not unlike mothers on any other diet. Most mothers need to supplement their diet to have a healthier breastfeeding experience. Check out this post to learn more about how to have a good diet while supplying vegan breast milk.


Breastfeeding is tough to do, no matter the diet or lifestyle of the mother. Breastfeeding requires a mother to be committed to her child every two to four hours for at least the first year of life. It requires a strong diet and will power to stick with it through the pain of the initial breastfeeding experience. This is why a lot of mothers revert to formula, and if this is the feeding journey that you have to take, then there is no shame in that. Our bodies have a natural response to needing vitamins and minerals. When our breastfeeding bodies are craving extra fats or carbohydrates, then we should listen to that and eat more peanuts and beans.

Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based proteins are much healthier for the human body than red meats. Red meats have been proven to increase cholesterol and heart problems. This is why mothers who participate in a vegan diet are often thinner and more healthy. The vegan breast milk diet is great for losing baby weight and providing a healthier form of protein to your breastfeeding infant. Many plant-based proteins are available from beans to supplements such as fenugreek. All of these great, healthier options can come together for the perfect breastfeeding diet.


In the end, breast milk is vegan. By starting with asking the question about what is vegan breast milk will help you understand why breast milk is vegan. Because mothers willingly give up the milk for there children, and the milk is the perfect milk, breastfeeding is a vegan breast milk option for feeding your infant. Breastfeeding is tough, no matter what your lifestyle is. It is worth sticking with if you can because you will have a happier, healthier baby. A vegan breast milk diet is sufficient for your child. A mother should always follow what her body is trying to tell her. Breast milk is vegan and should be used when possible to feed your infant.

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