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Top 8 iPhone Apps To Get Your Child To Sleep


iPhone Apps to Help Baby Sleep

Getting a baby to sleep can be a tough task for a new parent. Sometimes, even the most experienced parents face the challenge of getting their babies to nap. However, some apps can help your baby to fall asleep. Here is what an ideal iPhone app to help children sleep can do for you:

  • Help the baby sleep when exhausted enough
  • Calm the infant
  • Help the baby sleep for longer
  • Soothe the infant
  • Get the baby ready for sleep
  • Relax the infant

But getting a good baby sleep app can be hard. There are dozens of apps with different functionalities, which make choosing an app difficult. This list will narrow down the list and make it easy for you to pick an iPhone app to help children sleep.

1. Eat Sleep

Available on Apple store, this app lets you keep track of your baby’s sleeping patterns. You can know how long the infant sleeps, which allows you to identify any issues or patterns as they arise. If your baby has sleeping issues, this app is perfect for helping you determine them.

It has a note-taking feature that lets you make notes like illness or teething. The app is so simple that anyone can use it. You only require entering the sleep start time and stop time. Also, you can add the feeding information to obtain more prominent general information about the sleep of the baby.

2. Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher app utilizes the ancient shushing method. The concept behind the application is that shushing sounds assist in stopping babies from crying and hence soothe them to sleep. If you have been shushing the whole day, this app is excellent for giving you a breather. It works well with fussy babies.

The app has a feature for setting the period that you want the shushing to happen. It can be set for anywhere between 15 minutes and 8 hours. If your baby only responds to your voice, you can record a custom shush, and your baby will not tell the difference. Moreover, there is a great function that listens to the baby, and changes shush volume accordingly. The app costs $4, making it a credible iPhone app to help children sleep.

3. Sound Sleeper

This app is free on the Apple store and is a perfect iPhone app to help children sleep. It relies on the infant’s need to overcome the world’s silence. It has plenty of various sounds that you can pick to assist your baby in sleeping. Some of the sounds include gentle rainfall sound, busy market sounds, and the sound of a car’s running engine. Depending on your baby, you can choose the sound that you know they will like.

White noise is popular for helping children to fall asleep, and the app has an option for replicating sounds that are normally inside the womb. It has three modes: Play, to aid the baby in falling asleep; Listen for assisting the baby to remain asleep; Track to aid you in being up to date with your baby’s sleeping patterns. During the Listen mode, the app will know when the baby wakes up and starts to cry, and it will immediately start soothing the baby to settle him or her to sleep.

Sound sleeper allows you to control the volume of each sound. However, if you download the pay version, you will be able to control the length of the play sessions. After the session is over, the app goes to the Listen mode, and you can pause each sound at any time. You can also record a custom soothing sound.

4. Lullabytes

This lovely iPhone app to help children sleep is amazingly simple to navigate. It utilizes the idea of lullabies to aid the baby in sleeping. It has 12 piano tunes that you can pick from and has the option to include information like the period a baby takes to fall asleep and the sleeping time.

Additionally, it has many sounds to remove the silence as the baby sleeps, especially when newly born. It detects the baby’s wail and immediately plays the sounds.

5. Novel Effect

Novel Effect is a great iPhone app to help children sleep, and it’s over one million downloads show that it’s popular among mothers. The app is unique and plays music as you narrate tales to the baby, similar to movies. It plays original music as well as sound effects that go well with particular kids’ books.

The app allows you to pick a book and start reading it to your baby. The app’s voice recognition system will know your position in the story and play music accordingly to offer the perfect music effects. Through the app, you can access books like Cat in the Hat and Where the Wild Things Are.

6. Nighty Night

This app has been made by Heidi Wittlinger, who is an animator and illustrator who was nominated for an Oscar award. It is a narrated story app regarding the whereabouts and actions of barnyard animals after lights go out. Your baby will see animals fall asleep in their habitat, helping them to do the same.

The app costs $3.99, which is a low cost for a good iPhone app to help children sleep.

7. Sleepy Sounds

Sleepy Sounds is an iPhone app that plays soothing nature sounds and lullabies on a loop while displaying an animated mobile that lights up the room of your child. This app is another free iPhone app to help children sleep.

8. Sleepy Hero

This app allows you to pick from a list of sounds that are pre-recorded. You can also upload your own stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. When your child begins to cry, the app reacts by playing your custom selection. The app is a good iPhone app to help children sleep but costs $2.78.


If you are tired of hearing your baby cry in the middle of the night, then one of these apps will help you. You will not have to wake up to soothe the baby to sleep as the app will do the work for you. Download an iPhone app to help children sleep.

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