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I’m Pregnant and Want to Quit My Job

    Becoming pregnant with a baby is an exciting moment for mothers. They want to do everything they can to ensure that they carry the pregnancy to term. However, there are jobs that can cause stress and pose a danger to the unborn baby. That is why it is common to find a lady with a booming carrier quitting her job to take care of pregnancy.

    However, leaving behind a career you have spent years building may not be an easy decision. So, most ladies get themselves in a big dilemma when they have to choose between their job and pregnancy. Well, if you are here because you want some insights regarding this controversial topic, you are in the right place. This post has got everything you want to know about being pregnant and job quitting.

    Why Pregnant Women Quit Their Jobs

    Reasons for pregnant women quitting their jobs vary from one individual to the other. In other words, it depends on a person and the surrounding circumstances. Below are some of the reasons that may lead to expectant women quitting their jobs:

    First, pregnancy comes with complications, and stress is not the best thing for such pregnancies. That is why, after visiting a doctor, he or she may advise you to get enough rest. So, when you are at work, it is not possible to get the required rest because you have to move around and work.

    Also, some women find being at work stressful, and pregnancy can make the situation worse. Some pregnancy can make someone develop attitudes because of the change in her body hormones. She may find herself quarreling for no apparent reason. If you are working with individuals who don’t understand what is happening to you, it may cause conflict at your workplace. The best decision for such individuals is to quit before things get worse.

    Some ladies will quit the job simply because they are pregnant. Once they realize they are expecting a baby, they resign and focus on taking care of the pregnancy. They just want to relax until it is time to give birth.

    Is Quitting Work Because of Pregnancy Okay?

    The decision to quit work will depend on an individual. For instance, if you feel that you have enough savings to take care of yourself and your baby without working, then it is okay to quit. 

    Also, if you find that you can’t manage working while pregnant, it is still okay to take a break. After all, your health and that of your baby is crucial and a priority at this time. You can always get another job, but you may not be able to recover from a serious health condition.

    When Is the Right Time to Quit Work?

    As stated earlier, pregnant women quit their jobs for varied reasons. For instance, if you find from your doctor that you are carrying a high-risk pregnancy, the best thing to do will be to quit for your safety and that of your unborn baby.

    Also, if there is a lot of pressure and stress at your workplace, taking a break will be a wise decision. After all, the two are not good for your unborn baby. They can also affect your health as a mother.

    Again, if your pregnancy is creating problems between you and your boss and other employees, the best thing will be to quit. After all, you don’t want to mess up things because you may need this job after giving birth. And when you leave your job on good terms, high chances of getting rehired are high.

    The Best Way of Quitting Work

    Every organization has laid down procedures for those that wish to resign from their current job position. So, as a good employee, unless it is an emergency, ensure that you follow them to the letter to avoid any inconveniences.

    The best way of resigning is by giving your employer a one-month notice in writing. Since you are pregnant, feel free to include the reasons. You can say that your plan is to focus on taking care of the baby during the pregnancy period and when the baby is born. Remember to be courteous and grateful in your letter.

    What to Consider Before Quitting Work

    Quitting a job is one of the hardest decisions. For this reason, you shouldn’t act based on impulse. You need to think with a sober mind because it is something that will affect various aspects of your life. 

    In other words, you should not be in a hurry to quit because you are pregnant. Don’t let a temporary crisis you are going through make you throw away your career you’ve worked so hard to build. Note that job quitting can affect your finances as well as the perspective of your future career. So, you need to take your time and think things over before making a decision.


    Quitting your work when pregnant is good, but ensure that you are leaving a good record. You might need that job again once you are through with delivery and nursing. In other words, don’t let the pregnancy spoil your good work record you have spent years building.

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