I’m Pregnant and Just Ate Salami

When you’re pregnant, your craving level becomes abnormal, that you can end up eating foods that can risk your pregnancy. Although it’s hard controlling your food craving when you’re pregnant, you need to try to avoid some of the foods. Why should you risk your life and that of the unborn baby just because of food? The best thing you can do is stop stocking foods that you’re not supposed to eat while pregnant. Or stop going to the joints where the food you crave is. One of the foods you can crave is salami. Eating salami has stirred many debates online. Most people argue that eating salami cannot cause you harm while pregnant. But in a real sense, you shouldn’t eat cold salami as it contains nitrates and bacteria, which can endanger your baby’s life. Read along to understand the risks factor associated with eating cold salami while pregnant.

Eating Salami Can Cause Miscarriage

When you’re pregnant, you have a lot of expectations with your baby. Immediately you realize you’re pregnant; you’ll start counting your blessings, meaning you’re happy for your bundle of joy. If you eat salami, your happiness can be cut short as it increases your chances of having a miscarriage. Eating salami will expose your baby to nitrate, a harmful chemical that can kill your unborn baby. Salami also contains listeria, which causes a disease known as listeriosis, which can lead to miscarriage.

Salami Can Cause Heartburn

If you’re pregnant, you already have a better share of problems you don’t wish to add. Heartburn will make you uncomfortable while you’re pregnant. Although heartburn is not a serious cause for alarm but would bear the pain it causes. Or can you bear the bad taste in your mouth for long? Salami will make you have heartburn because it’s made using a lot of spices and herbs. The spices make salami a mouthwatering delicacy, but its aftermath won’t allow you to sleep in peace.

Salami Will Increase Your Fat and Sodium Levels

Salami is made from either pork or beef meat, which has a high content of fats. When you’re pregnant, you’ll probably gain weight, meaning your fats too will increase. Eating salami, which contains unhealthy fats, will increase your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. When having high blood sugar or cholesterols, your chances of having diabetes and high blood pressure increase. Having high blood pressure during pregnancy is never safe for both of you. The high-fat content will also slow your child’s growth rate and can lead to them being obese. Salt in salami will also increase your sodium level. When you have too much sodium during pregnancy, it can cause swelling as it makes your body retain water. Sodium in pregnancy can also cause preeclampsia and high blood pressure.

Can Cause Infections

Given that salami contains bacteria, it can make you have a bacterial infection. When you have bacterial infections, be sure to have more complications during pregnancy.  The primary infection you’ll have after eating salami is listeriosis. When you have listeriosis, you risk the life of your unborn baby, which can cause stillbirth. You’ll also suffer from a bacterial infection called toxoplasma. When you have toxoplasma infection, you’re likely to affect your baby. The infection can interfere with your baby’s vision or have poor brain development. When you have bacterial infections, your immune system can go down, which is not safe during pregnancy as it paves the way for more diseases. 

Can Make You Experience Complications

If you eat salami while you’re pregnant, you can have different complications like diarrhea or nausea. When you’re nauseated, you are vomiting, which means your fluid levels will decrease, making your body dry. Given that salami is made up of undercooked meat and spices, it can make you have food poisoning. A weak immune system can also make you have colds. You can also experience bloating problems as salami passes through the fermentation process, which can increase gases in your stomach. 


Although eating salami will satisfy your cravings, it will cause you problems because most of them aren’t well cooked. To be safe from complications like heartburn, nausea, or adding unhealthy fats in your body. Ensure you eat hot salami that is properly cooked. You can alternatively eat ready-to-eat salami, which you’ll see the writings on its packaging.