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I Hate My Friends Toddler for Being Mean to My Child

No one ever wants to see their toddler or child be the victim of bullies. But we live in an unjust world, and there will always be someone who flaunts their power by making someone else feel powerless. Until recently, people would say it is just a right of passage from childhood into being an adult. Only recently have people had done studies proving bullying could have lasting effects for years after. In the following article, there will be signs to look for a way to help them involved.


Bullying can take on many forms. It can sometimes be hard to give a clear definition of what bullying is. But we can all tell when we see it when we agree on what it looks like. We can all agree it is someone or more than one person who goes after another. A lot of the time, they think the person is not as strong as they are.

Forms it Takes

We all know about the usual forms bullying can take. As in physically, with the usual hitting and tripping of the victim. Another form the physical bullying can take is the destruction of the victim’s property. Another form is verbal, where bullies attack the victim with types of mocking, name-calling, and sexual innuendos. The mocking can be about the way they talk, look, or feel. Social bullying can be damaging to the victim too. With social bullying, the leader of the bullying will spread rumors, or set up some kind of public show, or exclusion. With the creation of social media, bullying has become a whole different experience. It takes the form of text messages, social media, and videos.

With the creation of social media, it could be said with social media; bullying is worse. Before it’s invention, bullying, for the most part, was not as bad. Yes, you had the rare violent types, but normally not as bad. A part of it not being as bad, is when the event is over, the victim can get away from it. The social media has even brought the bullying into their house. Of course, it is going to make it worse.


No matter what form bullying takes, it could have ongoing effects on the victim. A person who is the victim of bullying can suffer physical injuries and mental disorders if they happen to not have a high opinion of themselves before it. The bullies will only make it seem worse. Their school performance, both being in school, and grades could change.

Be On the Lookout

If your child would happen to have some preexisting problems, it might be hard to see the signs of being a victim. Some of your child’s property might be missing or get damaged. A once very active child in social gatherings will sometimes cause them to withdraw. Changes in your child’s school performance could be a sign. You may notice a change in eating or sleeping behaviors. Their attitude changes to depression and seem to lose motivation, especially after being on their phones or computer.

How To Address and Change It

Some could say the best way to stop bullying is to prevent it in the first place. Start asking your child if not every day, maybe a few times a week about their day is a good start. Wanting to know if they had a good day, or if something bad went on could help if they have thought about what bullying looks like. Did they have a good time at lunch and recess? It wouldn’t hurt to ask the child if they were to come into contact with a bully, would they have someone to talk to.

If It Happens

Maybe if someone were to start and bully your child, talking about some plans of action could be a very good thing. Try stressing a nonviolent reaction to the bully. Maybe try a diplomatic solution, or tell the other person to stop. Encourage the child just to walk away from the situation. Tell a friend or adult they trust about the bully. Stay away from places where they do not feel safe. Encourage your child to hang around people who make them feel safe. A more good and less bad situation could make a big change.

A Safe Harbor

Too many times in a bully situation, not only is the bully attacking someone but so are the by standards. It is too easy to just join in with the bully; it could also avoid becoming a target. In the house, try encouraging your child to be kind and understanding to others. Be the person who, when everyone else is picking on them, lend an ear and shoulder. Confront the bully about their actions. Not in a violent way, but just get to the bottom of it. It would not hurt to get several people to do the same. Quite a few times, the bully is only as strong as people let them be. By standing up for something will take a lot of the power away.

Your Own Steps

If, by any chance, your child is to become the target of a bully. It is important to know what is available to be done in the case. Probably a very important way to start is to let your child know you will do all you can to keep them safe. Ask for details, and keep a record of them. If the bully is posting on social media or sending messages directly to your child, collect the evidence. Inform the school of what is going on, and what is the plan of action. Ask the school to keep you up to date. Of course, if the bully crosses the line by being physical to your child either by violence, sexual advances, threatening to, let the police know as well.

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