I Got Pregnant on Purpose and Regret It

Suppose you went out all unfettered and hoping to get pregnant; then, the planning and anticipation are all too familiar. It may involve meticulous details and even ovulation tracking to ensure nothing goes wrong. And then finally, you hit the baby-making bullseye. But instead of jumping for joy for something that has eventually come to fruition, the initial euphoria quickly begins to dissipate, turning into regret. Could it be that your eyes are now wide open, and you realize you are emotionally unprepared for parenthood?

Most women confess to feeling the first pangs of regret as soon as the symptoms of pregnancy begin. As everything starts to unravel, they soon realize not all is as smooth as they initially envisioned. All that clouds your mind now are the looming contractions, the inconveniences, the boredom coupled with weight gain. It boils down to sheer panic, and it seems you can’t take it. It is normal to question your decisions at this time. Still, never allow it to lead to fear, misery, and self-pity.  Here are the most likely reasons for those regrets.

Could It Be the Hormones Hard at Work?

The moment you discover you are pregnant, your hormones begin to play havoc on your body and psyche. Besides the change in personality and mood swings, everything seems to take a turn for the worst. According to studies, hormones are also the reason so many women feel anxious and not sure about themselves anymore. This is about the time panic sets in, and your brain can seem to reconcile with the expected life change. And what could be a moment of joy suddenly turns to uncertainty, questioning whether you made the right choice.

Difficulties Finding a Balance Between Work and Your Pregnancy

Working women soon realize that it is not a walk in the park as they embark on their pregnancy while at the same time, juggling work demands. Coupled with the stresses of early gestation, you begin to wonder if you have made the biggest blunder of all time. For some women, it becomes all clear that their careers may never recover after all.

Financial Stresses Can Make You Want to Run 

As much as you could have planned for this baby for years, it can quickly begin to dawn on you that your finances may not be adequate to cater to the new entrant. Again, the uncertainties of the job market, yours, or your spouse’s finances could be ambiguous. This and many other financial implications could be a key reason for regrets even if you had longed and methodically planned for a baby.

You Begin to Realize That Motherhood Is Not Easy

If you are a first-time mother, it never dawned on you when swooning over your nephews and nieces that motherhood is a thankless job full of emotional and physical doldrums. Now that you can picture how draining, exhausting, and stressful everything is turning out to be, you start to have second thoughts. Although it is taboo to even think about it, you are not alone in the motherhood regrets category.

A Non-Supportive Spouse Can Be the Primary Reason for Regrets 

Pregnancy is a thrilling experience, but only if you have the necessary support system. It is because you are going through so much at the same time that you need only people who can understand and hold your hand through it all.  If your spouse can stand to the task, the better, but if they seem uncaring, then it can be the reason you regret it.

There are so many reasons why you would start to panic and regret getting pregnant even if you have been dreaming about it for so long. However, each experience is so personal, and pinpointing the exact reason would be futile. But remember, if hormones are the cause, experts say this is normal. It is usually short-lived, and you can reconcile with your fears and joyfully carry your pregnancy to term without further ado. But what happens if the regrets won’t stop? Then you may have to talk about it with someone. A professional can look impartially at your unique case and provide an expert opinion on the way forward.