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How to Reduce a Fever in a Baby

Having a baby can be like navigating through a dangerous fire. There are so many twists and turns. The unexpected things that may come up will keep you guessing. The best way to figure out what to do is to read and trust your instincts. Every day there is something new that you have to learn.

One of the scariest things that may happen with your baby is when they get a fever. Fevers can be a huge headache and range from mild to serious. It is important to understand that fevers are a common occurrence in children. Parents can learn how to deal with fevers quickly and effectively by using some of the following tips. They will make your life so much easier, and your baby will be so much happier.

Make sure that you have a thermometer on hand. This is one of the first things that new mothers are given at baby showers, but just in case you don’t have one, get one. You need to know the actual number. If the fever continues to rise, then you should call your pediatrician. Otherwise, try some of these first.

Remove Layers of Clothing

We often tend to bundle our babies. Even in the summer, we will overdress the baby. We put them in receiving blankets with hats and socks on. This is not good for babies with fevers. When a baby has a fever, you should reduce the number of clothes that they have on so that they can let the heat out.

You don’t want them to get too cold, but you don’t want to trap that heat in. It is tricky because they can have chills, but you don’t want them to be bundled too tightly. Remember that heat escapes through the head, feet, and hands, so be sure to keep those uncovered while inside as long as the temperature is pleasant indoors.

Take A Lukewarm Bath Together

A cold bath would be too much, but a lukewarm bath would be just the trick to help level out baby’s fever. It will help relax your baby as they are probably agitated from the change in temperature from the fever as well. It is recommended that you take a bath with your baby so that you can feel the change of the water with him or her.

You will know when the water begins to chill. You do not want it to get too cold. When it begins to cool down, you will want to get out so that they do not get too cold and start to shiver. That will hurt the purpose of the lukewarm bath for your baby.

Feed Your Baby Chilled Foods & Fluids

A fever often will make your baby not want much to eat, but if you can get them to eat, they will often want chilled foods and fluids. They may even crave them. It feels good in their bellies. If they throw them back up, it is not as harsh on them because it won’t curdle in their little tummies.

Fluids will serve a dual purpose and keep your baby from getting dehydrated. It is likely that even if they throw them back up, they will keep some of it down. Chilled foods will likely cool your baby from the inside out and help bring the fever down slowly. You will notice that your baby will become less agitated and possibly want a nap. Keep things like popsicles and refrigerated yogurt around for times like this.

Use Infant Tylenol

Every parent will likely have some infant Tylenol for situations such as a fever. You just don’t like to jump straight to that as the solution. There are many things you can try first. When those don’t work, here is where you end up. Tylenol is a good remedy.

Be sure to check the dosing according to the baby’s weight and age. You may want to alternate it with another brand for the best results. Wait to see if the fever subsides. Watch your baby closely for allergies, especially if this is the first time administering it. Your baby will probably become sleepy, so place him or her somewhere you can monitor them even more closely.

When they awake, more than likely, their fever will have subsided. Be sure to check back regularly to ensure that the fever has not returned.

Call Your Pediatrician

Sometimes fevers can be persistent and much more than we can handle at home. When this happens, all of our remedies go out of the window. We have tried it all. The baby comes first, and we have to give up and get more help. This is when we call for the doctor. The doctor can assess what we tell them over the phone.

They will make recommendations. It may be other home remedies. They will often try over the counter medicines first. After those do not work, they will call in medicines to pharmacies. When everything else fails, they will want to see the baby themselves. This is the last resort. It may be necessary if there is something more serious going on. The doctor will be able to take a look and figure out what is going on.


When your baby gets a fever, it throws everything off-kilter. You just want to get everything back in order. By trying some of these tips and tricks, you will be on your way to getting Baby back to feeling better:

  • Remove Layers of Clothing
  • Take A Lukewarm Bath Together
  • Feed Your Baby Chilled Foods & Fluids
  • Use Infant Tylenol
  • Call Your Pediatrician

When you can get your baby feeling better, you, as a mommy, will feel like the champ that you are. This is all a learning process. Every day you will find new challenges. Every day you will learn something new. Every day you will conquer new heights. Keep reading, keep rocking, keep forging ahead!

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