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8 Tips on How to Plan a Baby Shower


How to Plan a Baby Shower

Baby showers have long since been a way for parents, friends, and family members to celebrate the upcoming birth of a little loved one. Whether Mom and Dad are planning their own baby shower or a close friend is hosting the party, the key to how to plan a baby shower is taking the time to properly prepare.

From inviting the right guests to including the most enjoyable party games, hosts and hostesses should do their due diligence when planning the perfect baby shower. Read on for an all-inclusive guide to throwing the best baby bash for yourself or a loved one.

Baby Shower To-Do List

1. Write up a Guest List

The first step in planning a successful baby shower is putting together the guest list. If you’re wondering how to plan a baby shower, start by looking at all the friends and family members that you’d love to have at your shower. Compile a list of all the names and addresses of your guests. Before going overboard with your guest list, keep in mind that the more guests you invite, the higher your budget should be.

This guest list will ultimately set the tone for the baby shower. While the choice of venue and decorations also have a role to play, it is the guests at the baby shower that will make or break the event. This means knowing who to invite and who to leave off of your guest list. While the party may only be a few hours, the wrong set of guests can completely ruin a party. While all guests may not know each other, the ideal guest list will include people that the Mom-to-be knows will mesh well together.

2. Put Together Your Budget

One of the biggest factors in preparing for your baby shower is the budget. The budget should include plans for food, the venue, seating, and the like. With a smaller budget and a larger guest list, it’s likely that you’ll need to scale back a bit.

If you’re planning to have an intimate affair, a modest budget should be fine. However, if you’re hoping to go all out, you’ll need the budget to match.

Consider the following expenses when learning how to plan a baby shower budget:

  • Baby showers typically cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000.
  • Venues for baby showers typically cost $200 or more.
  • Baby shower decorations range from $30 to $200.
  • Food for a baby shower typically costs anywhere from $5 to $10 per guest.

3. Pick the Venue

Another part of learning how to plan a baby shower is choosing the right venue. Hosts and hostesses must consider the season, budget, and number of guests when picking the baby shower venue. Smaller baby showers are ideal for living rooms, backyards, or any other intimate situation. Additionally, these types of venues won’t wreak havoc on your budget.

With a larger guest list or a bigger budget, you may want to consider having the baby shower at a restaurant or hotel. With a well-attended baby shower, choosing a venue elsewhere will relieve the host or hostess of the burden of setting up, cleaning up, and catering.

Additionally, in a nicer season like spring or fall, you should think about hosting your event outdoors. Venues like parks, beaches, or the like are a family-friendly choice for a baby shower.

4. Send Your Invitations

When learning how to plan a baby shower, be sure to send your invitations well in advance. Invites should be sent out at least six weeks prior to the date of the baby shower. This way, all guests will have enough time to RSVP for the event.

When sending out invitations, follow proper etiquette. With a more informal get-together, e-vites or text message invitations should be fine. If you’re planning a formal event, go ahead and mail a paper invitation. Be sure to have a hard deadline for the RSVP to make sure you can get an accurate headcount for the baby shower. If you’re planning the baby shower online, simply ask guests to RSVP through email or social media.

5. Plan the Decor

Planning the decor is another important part of learning how to plan a baby shower. Your decor of choice should be nailed down around three weeks prior to your shower. Purchase all non-perishable decorations and finalize all details like creating table settings, finding party favors, and anything else that will make the baby shower complete.

6. Finalize the Menu

Whether you’re having the baby shower catered or you’re making the food yourself, you’ll need to decide on the type of food you’ll be serving during the baby shower. Ideally, the food at your baby shower will be an easy-to-eat version of Mom’s favorite cuisine.

Wondering how to plan the baby shower when it comes to serving the food? Depending on the venue of choice and the size of the guest list, a buffet, sit-down dinner, or catered small dishes may better suit the baby shower. Whatever menu you choose, make sure there are ample non-alcoholic beverages to make sure the mom-to-be can be part of the fun while everyone else celebrates with boozy beverages.

7. Have an Agenda

Part of learning how to plan a baby shower also includes creating an agenda. While opening presents, eating food, and chatting with guests are all musts for successful baby showers, hosts and hostesses need a solid agenda for the day. This agenda should include all of the fun games and entertainment that will keep guests engaged.

Baby showers generally start off with guests drinking and mingling during the first 20 minutes. Once everyone arrives, the festivities and game playing should begin. Hosts and hostesses researching how to plan a baby shower should also include activities that will create lifelong memories for the mom-to-be. Having guests sign a scrapbook or create a video in a photo booth are all excellent options for a baby shower.

8. Pick up Party Favors

No party or baby shower is complete without party favors for guests. These party favors are a nice way to thank guests for attending the baby shower. While some favors are particularly extravagant, the main role of the party favor is to remind guests of the event and make them feel appreciated.

Consider a take-home bag of the cake from the baby shower, homemade chocolates, magnetic picture frames, or anything else that you know the guests will love. Part of learning how to plan a baby shower includes choosing the best baby shower favors that also have an every day use like candles, soaps, or lotions.

Consider the following party favor ideas when learning how to plan a baby shower:

  • Heart-Shaped Measuring SpoonsThese measuring spoons are all about celebrating “Love Beyond Measure”. These spoons will become a staple in every guest’s kitchen as they use these lovely favors when making future recipes.
  • Sugar Body ScrubsShower guests with the gift of soft skin. Sugar scrubs and other skincare products make excellent baby shower favors. These favors will certainly get their share of use by guests long after the baby shower is over.
  • About to Pop Champagne BottlesCelebrate the occasion by giving your baby shower guests champagne mini bottles. Let guests raise a glass to the little one that’s on their way. With the mini champagne, guests can keep the toasts going.


Learning how to plan a baby shower is a matter of bringing together the right group of guests, picking the best venue, and putting together an accurate budget. Keep this guide in mind as you prepare to execute your upcoming baby shower. While this baby shower may be another part to some, this event celebrates the birth of a little bundle of joy, so be sure this celebration is everything you want it to be.

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