How to Get Rid of Baby Acne


There are many struggles that parents expect to face when it comes to raising an infant. Including diapers changes, moodiness, and learning how to speak and walk.

One struggle, however, a lot of parents are not prepared for is acne. Acne in babies and newborns is extremely common, with as many as 20 percent of newborn babies falling victim to it.

This can be an issue because of the irritation and discomfort it can provide to the baby affected.

For any parents concerned about their newborn suffering from baby acne, it is not something that must be a huge concern, as there are many ways that you can combat the issue.


Similar to acne that occurs in teenagers, it is suggested that hormones may play a huge part. Since newborn babies have been in the woman’s womb for a while, they have been exposed to many maternal hormones in the female body.

With this being said, if the cause of acne in your baby is hormonal. Topical treatments may not work, as it will just take time for it to go away.

However, it is important to note that researchers are not completely sure why baby acne occurs. While hormones may be the cause in some cases, it could be something different in others.

Nevertheless, topical treatments can be of assistance when it comes to limiting the acne, managing it, and making it as painless as possible.

Create a normal skincare routine

One way to care for baby acne is just to create a skin routine, just like you would for a normal human being.

This method is a good idea because it is the cleaning and caring for the skin and beginning to train it to get used to the exposure that it is experiencing.

Baby products for skin are offered in various places, and websites like Johnson & Johnson specifically offer products for skin types, including dry, oily, and combination skin.

This will allow for the best treatment for the child to be obtained. No matter the products, the routine should consist of cleansing the skin with warm water a few times a day, but not more than that, to be sure not to dry the skin out or overwork it.

After cleansing, patting it dry in soft motions is a good way to finish the routine off. Take extra precautions, and make sure not to rub or pick at the acne, which can irritate it further.

Avoid lotions and oils

Avoiding lotions and oils is a big part of caring for the skin of babies in general. Specifically baby acne.

The reason for this is that the fragrance that is contained in these products can and, in most cases, is a bigger irritant that it is a help.

Applying these on the skin, in short, will make it worse. Additionally, the added moisture from these products usually isn’t needed. The skin in infants suffices well enough when it comes to keeping it moisturized.

In many cases, the moisturization that comes from lotion and oils is simply too much and ends up clogging their skin up, which can result in more acne.

Be overly gentle on their face

Another factor that comes into play when caring for the skin of infants is sensitivity. Because they are babies, their skin is a lot more sensitive in general to products and virtually anything.

This means that you have to take extra care so that you are extremely gentle on their face. This is applied to not only products but general touch as well.

Parents should make sure to use gentle motions when cleaning their babies face, and not press down hard with a rag or washcloth, so the skin doesn’t become irritated.

But additionally, using products specifically made for babies’ skin is important to ensure not to strip the skin of necessary oils.

Normal skin products and soaps will be too harsh. Specific products made for baby skin are the best and safest option.


Having a little patience goes a long way as well. As mentioned above, a huge cause of baby acne can simply be exposed to hormones.

And if that is the case, time is the solution when it comes to it going away. As long as you make sure not to let the baby play with their skin and make it worse, the affected areas should heal on their own in due time, just like with acne in teenagers.

Pursue the help of a doctor

If all else fails, seeing a doctor or dermatologist is also a great option. Since these people are specifically trained in the area, they can do a good job prescribing products specifically for the case they are looking at, or even informing if the skin issue is more than meets the eye.

Going to the normal pediatrician first can help, and then if need be, they can refer you to a specialized doctor and dermatologist for more information.


While baby acne in newborns is not something that researchers have totally figured out yet, there are a few steps and precautions parents can take to try to alleviate their baby of bumps and scars.

Creating a skincare routine and being gentle on the face. This because if that doesn’t work, simply giving it time to heal and speaking to a specialized doctor can do the trick as well.

Overall, it is important to remember that acne in infants is extremely normal. This is not something a new parent should stress over.

The happiness, health, and overall well being of the baby is the most important thing. If all of those needs are otherwise met, baby acne shouldn’t be a huge worry at all.

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