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How to Adopt a Baby: Everything to Know


How to Adopt a Baby

Adoption is a beautiful thing. A child who has become orphaned or has a parent that can no longer care for them has the opportunity for a great life. If you are wondering how to adopt a baby, there are many ways to consider. Indeed, your financial resources will dictate the best route for your family. If you are plagued by infertility or want to give back to a child in need, then adoption may be right for you.

Understanding the Special Needs Of Adoption

You should realize that many of the children that come available through adoption are special needs. For instance, in China, it’s said that all the children have some sort of issues. The medical need is often correctable, like a cleft palate, but it’s still something to consider.

A child that has a birth mother that drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, or used illegal drugs can have a plethora of problems. The problems might not always manifest at birth, and some issues may take years to diagnose. You need to know exactly what you are getting into, and you need an agency that is going to be upfront and honest. Children from both international and domestic adoptions often have medical and mental issues such as:

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Identify Disorder
  • Autism

Remember that giving birth to a child comes with some risks. Many children have ADHD, and their birth mother never took any toxic substances. You need to be aware of the dangers of adoption, but it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream. Adopting a child at a young age helps to ensure proper nurturing and to make sure that many of these issues can be handled appropriately with the right medical team. Proper medical care can be lax in some areas where international adoption is affordable.

International Adoption

When considering how to adopt a baby, one of the first things that come to mind is international adoption. If you have the financial resources, you can adopt a child from one of many countries around the world. You need to do some extensive research to choose the right area. You will need to locate an agency that will handle the adoption, and these agencies all have different price ranges. Some of the guidelines are rather strict. For instance, those who have a BMI of over 40 won’t be able to adopt internationally. There are marriage stipulations, and some even say you can’t be divorced more than one time.

There is a great deal of red tape to get through. For instance, you will have to travel back and forth, and some countries require you to stay in their land for a length of time during the proceedings. Then, you must also consider getting the paperwork to get the child into America. The Hague Convention was created in 1993 to help adoptive parents quickly get their child legally from one of their adoptive lands to their home. Many countries participate in this program, and it makes it much easier on all parties.

Adoption Costs Per Country?

You probably don’t know much about how to adopt a baby from another country, but you should familiarize yourself with the costs right away. If you want to know how to adopt a baby internationally, then you first must get your finances in order. You will need anywhere from $20,000 through $40,000 from start to finish.

Numerous expenses make up the total cost, and these expenses include airline tickets, documentation to get the baby into the United States, fees charged by the agency, and other miscellaneous costs. Choosing the right country may be difficult. Here are some of the most popular areas and the average cost for adoption:


The Peoples Republic of China will cost around $25-$30,000 to adopt an infant. Keep in mind that their system is overpopulated with chidren. They make it easy to adopt a girl as the Chinese people favor boys. They require that both parents be between the ages of 30-49, and at least one person must be a United States Citizen. They will accept both married couples as well as a single mother. Additionally, each person that applies for adoption must have at least a $10,000 income. A medical examination is required. The BMI cannot exceed 40.

The Philippines

Many people wonder how to adopt a baby in the Philippines due to its affordable costs. You can expect to spend anywhere from $15-$20,000, which won’t include travel expenses. The government here requires that the adoptive parent be at least 16 years older than the child. Additionally, all persons must be at least 27 years of age. They require a psychological and medical evaluation as well as a statement of finances. The BMI cannot be over 35 in this country.


Ethiopia is one of the better countries to adopt from for those who want plenty of children to choose from and little red tape. They require that a couple be married for at least five years, cannot be 45 years older than the child, must be a man/woman marriage, and no single men can adopt. The timeline is about 24 months. As long as a person is healthy, then they do not have a BMI specification.

The most expensive countries to adopt from are South Korea, Haiti, Uganda, and Russia. Be sure to check the status as many of these countries suspend adoptions during specific periods.

Domestic Adoptions

If you are wondering how to adopt a baby when you have little money, you should consider a domestic adoption. There are tens of thousands of kids just waiting for a home. If you want a baby, it’s best that you become a foster parent first and move towards the fostering to adopt programs. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to be a foster parent. You get attached to the kids, and it hurts when they go back home. The goal of the public system is always reunification whenever possible, but many times, that isn’t an option. Domestic adoptions are not for everyone, but foster parents get first preference for newborns.

Whether you choose a domestic or international adoption, you will need to complete a home study. The home study includes a criminal background check, medical report, a fire, and safety inspection of your home, as well as proof of income. While the international world is charging thousands of dollars, you get paid to keep kids in domestic programs. Additionally, you get a medical card and a stipend of at least $250 until the child is 18 years of age.

The total cost of adoption stateside is anywhere from $1-$5,000, and there are often vouchers that will help cover the costs. It’s not the best situation for everyone, but getting in the graces of an agency in the US can open many doors to you. Both public and private agencies in American can help you in your journey to learn how to adopt a baby. Opening your home to sibling groups, toddlers, and children under five years old will open the pool of available kids.

Other Adoption Options

If you’ve wracked your mind regarding how to adopt a baby and still don’t know which direction to turn, then you have other options. Private adoptions happen every day in the United States. While they can be a bit risky, you can work with a person who knows they can simply not provide what the child will need. The birth mother interviews with prospective parents. Keep in mind that they can and may change their mind when the baby arrives, and if you have paid anything in the way of medical expenses or a flat fee, then you will be out a great deal of money.

Have you ever wondered how to adopt a baby using a surrogate? Surrogate parents can use sperm or eggs from one or both parties. There is a contract drawn between all parties, and medical costs are almost always the responsibility of the parents. Many states don’t recognize surrogate agreements, which is essential to find out before entering into a contract. There have been many successful cases and some real nightmares in this type of adoption.

How to Adopt A Baby for Your Family?

The desire to become a mom or dad is an essential part of being human. Most people want to have a child to share their love and life with. When you are considering how to adopt a baby for your family, you have a lot of things to deliberate. To adopt internationally requires a great deal of time, patience, and money. Domestic adoptions come with a lower price tag; however, there are many hoops to jump through if you want a child under five years of age. Surrogacy and private adoptions are risky, but they are still options to consider.

There is no easy way when you are trying to find how to adopt a baby to join your family. You must find the best method and be willing to wait until you get the call you’ve waited so long for.

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