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How Rare Is It to Be Pregnant and Have Your Period?

Although it is unlikely, some women still experience a type of period, even when pregnant. It is a weird phenomenon that some people experience. One of the most famous people to experience this phenomenon is the professional tennis player Serena Williams. Although a true full period is unlikely, some women do experience bleeding during pregnancy. Enjoy these fun facts about this idea. To read Serena’s story about her interesting pregnancy experience, visit

What is a Period?

To understand this phenomenon, we should consider what even a period is. A surprising number of adult women don’t understand the entire process of periods and why they happen. So here is a crash course. Periods happen because the lining of our uterus builds up. This lining typically is where a fertilized egg would land. However, if there is no semen to fertilize the egg, then it just gets flushed out with the uterus lining. This happens approximately every 28 days. In a healthy normal person, the uterine lining is flushed from the body in the blood and rebuilds over the next 28 days. This is a process that beings at puberty and is part of the natural procreation process.


During implantation, the fertilized egg digs deep down into the uterine lining to find a safe place to start dividing and multiplying to create the baby. At this point, a small amount of bleeding may take place. This often can be assumed by the woman that it is her period. Often, if a woman is not paying attention, she will assume this is a period and never consider that she is pregnant. This implantation bleeding is completely normal if it is in small amounts. If you suspect you are pregnant but are having a small amount of bleeding, you should call your ob-gyn.

Thick Uterine Lining and Other Rare Pregnancy Problems

If you get pregnant, but your body has a naturally thick uterine lining, you may experience some bleeding. This uterine lining needs to be reduced for the baby to grow larger and for stretching to be easier. So pieces of the uterine lining that are not being used may come out in what seems like a period. Another common pregnancy problem is a molar pregnancy. A molar pregnancy is when your body reacts as if it is pregnant; however, it does not create a baby. But rather, it creates a large mass in the uterus. It’s a type of cancer.


One alarming reason you may think that you have a period during pregnancy is infection. If you have an infection in your cervix or uterus, you may feel like you are having a period, even if you are not. Infection caused by bleeding is also typically accompanied by pain and cramping. So even though you don’t bleed as much, you still feel like you have a period. This is why, often, the initial pregnancy gets missed.

Placenta Problems

Another time that you may think you are having a period even though you are pregnant is if there are any placenta problems. The placenta is what transfers food and energy from your body into the baby’s umbilical cord. Placenta previa, which is basically when the placenta is in the wrong place, along with placental abrupt-ion, can be scary reasons that you may have a ‘period’ when you are pregnant. To read about these common reasons a pregnant period could happen to visit

Healthy Bleeding

Just because you are bleeding during pregnancy does not necessarily mean you are unhealthy. There are a few reasons why you may bleed and still have a happy, healthy baby. One of these reasons is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can bleed a large amount. Enough to think that you are having a period, even if you are not. However, the bleeding is coming from your bottom and not your vagina. Another reason you may bleed is completely unknown. Some women bleed far into their second and third trimester and still have healthy pregnancies. Because every woman is different, sometimes bleeding just happens. The reality is that every woman’s body is different, and every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. To see these reasons why a woman might have healthy pregnancy bleeding visit

Healthy Pregnancy

This is why it is always important to be aware of your body and get prenatal care when you find out you are pregnant. Also, eating healthy and exercising before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy can help improve your body and live a healthier self. There are many different things that you can do to have a healthy pregnancy. Eating well and healthy is important because what you eat goes into the baby. Along with that, listening to what your body craves can help your body get the nutrients that it needs. Also, exercising lightly and doing Kegels can help strengthen up muscles in your body to help you be healthier. Unfortunately, for some people, miscarriage is a sad part of life. Taking action to help your body carry a healthy baby is always a great option.


Bleeding in pregnancy is very common; bleeding in pregnancy is not the same process as what happens when a woman has her period. There are many reasons that a woman could assume that she is having her period even if she is not. However, if a woman does experience bleeding during pregnancy, then they should see there ob-gyn. There are many reasons that a woman would experience period type bleeding that could be very harmful to the baby. Although bleeding can happen, a woman should never have her period while pregnant. A period is when the uterine lining is shed to avoid over thickening of the uterine wall. This is a natural part of life but not a natural part of pregnancy. The thick uterine wall helps the egg have a safe place to start reproducing cells. Call your ob-gyn if you are pregnant.

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