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How Often Should You Bathe a Baby?

Even though it is not necessary to bath your baby every day because it might dry out their skin, it’s important to consider your baby’s comfort and cleanliness along with your preferences.

Bathing a baby takes a lot of preparation, organization, and care. You have to ensure your baby bath is comfortable for your baby and on a stable surface that allows you to reach your baby while remaining comfortable easily.

The room you use to bathe your baby has to be warm so that your baby remains comfortable and relaxed during their bath. This helps them associate bath time with a positive experience. The bath should be set and ready before you bring your baby to it. This means you have to have the bathwater in the baby bath, your baby oils, and gentle baby cleansers already on the soft cloths you will use to wash your baby gently, and the towel is warming up ready to go.

How often you bathe your baby comes down to your baby’s needs and your preferences. Ideally, your baby should bathe twice a day. We explain why below. Some suggest 2-3times week.

We look at the need to bathe from your baby’s point of view. If you bathe them correctly, using the correct products to protect against dry skin, your baby will greatly benefit from being clean everyday and smelling great, making them content and not irritable. This means you will have an easy baby on your bands.

Bathing from your baby’s perspective

Imagine you were poo-ing yourself all day, spitting up on yourself and your clothes, and were dressed all day warmly. On top of all this, you were sleeping a lot or crying a lot or doing both, so your face had a wonderful mix of snort, sweat, and tears. We won’t even start on that folds in the neck that’s lodged with sweat and dirty from all those activities.

How dirty do you think you would feel after this daily marathon?

Probably very terrible, uncomfortable and irritable.

Often when your baby is crying for “no reason,” they are crying out of discomfort from the dirt on their bodies. Your baby’s little body goes through a lot of every day, and not bathing them (s) will make them unhappy and inconsolable, and also it makes it harder to get your baby used to a bath down the line. They may not like baths at first, but once they associate it with a positive experience like being clean and comfortable, they soon accept it.

Not bathing your baby every day of the week is like running 10mile marathons every day and not taking a bath to expect two to three times. That doesn’t sound so appealing, does it? That’s why babies make their displeasure known.

Bathe your baby twice a day

Wait. What?

Yes, twice a day is ideal when done correctly. Which means you add gentle baby-friendly bath oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil to your baby’s bath or use colloidal oatmeal, oat milk, or almond milk(check with your doctor for allergies) with a gentle baby cleanser and then use your oil blend on your baby after their bath to keep their skin moisturized.

Most babies cry a lot simply because they aren’t being given enough baths and are uncomfortable. Once the bath is given, your baby will calm down and want to interact with the world around them or just enjoy their nap.

Bathing your baby in the morning or sometime before noon and before 8 pm before you put them down for the night sets an important routine with your child that continues over time. Having clean body energy a person keeps their self-esteem up and leaves them feeling very good.

A morning or mid-morning bath for your baby will wash off the night’s sweat, spit-up, poo, pee, and will allow you to properly clean their folds in their neck, inside their elbows, legs, and anywhere else that might trap dirt and sweat. This will also allow you to monitor the healing of their belly button and give you time to clean it for your baby gently.

The night time bath ensures that your baby goes to bed as comfortable as possible. This will also help you sleep well because your baby is not irritable. It also makes sure your baby is clean from that pee-poo-spit-cry-sweaty marathon they endure every day.

Bathing your baby twice a day will help you catch any skin issues faster before they fester. Most importantly, your baby will smell good, be clean, and well behaved because they are not irritable.

It’s time for a baby spa!

If we are going to do this, we will do it best.

Arranging baby bath time involves making sure you are in a comfortable position so that you can focus on holding your baby and calming talking to them during the bath. This helps them learn to love bath time.

It is important to select a place that is stable for your baby’s bath and comfortable enough for you to bath your baby. Some people find counters good places to bathe their baby, especially the kitchen counter, because the kitchen tends to be the warmest place in most homes.

Seriously, make it like a spa.

If your bathroom is warm, you can set up your baby’s bath in there or their nursery’s bathroom. It comes down to your preferences. Just make sure the room is warm. You can measure this by your baby’s body response when you remove their clothes. If they clench their little fist, they are cold. You need to warm the room some more until your baby can relax in little clothing.

Make sure to gather everything you will need for your baby’s bath, such as the gentle cleanser, baby oils, baby cream, their towel on a warmer, and the soft baby sponge or cloth to clean their body.

It is ideal to use a baby bath with support for your baby. This allows you to lay your baby on their back and frees your hands so that you can focus on gently and effectively cleaning their folds and making sure they are clean.

The water should be nice and warm, not hot. It should be 100F  to avoid chilling or burning your baby. You can add colloidal oatmeal to the bathwater to create a nice moisturizing bath that will not only clean but protect your baby’s skin.

Additionally, you can use baby-friendly oil blends with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, Lavender, Tea tree, Chamomile to soothe your baby’s skin and keep it moisturized and healthy along with your gentle baby body cream.

You can add an essential oil diffuser to the room to calm your baby and create a comfortable environment for their baths, effectively taking your baby to the spa.

They will appreciate it.

Keeping your baby clean

Your baby is comfortable when they are clean. Being cleans makes your baby less irritable and calm. They will nap well and feel good, which is good for your wellbeing.

You must stick to the routine. It will also make your own parenting experience a fun one.

Starting your baby early on a definite bath time routine that is tailored for their comfort will allow your baby to grow to love taking great care of their body, contribute to having high self-esteem and loving their body.

Cleanliness is good hygiene

Bathing your baby often teaches them good hygiene, which will benefit them later on in life.

Good hygiene helps avoid diseases, rashes, and many other ailments that could cause your baby discomfort.

Bathing your baby at least twice a day will help them avoid illnesses that tend to affect babies whose hygiene is not a priority. It will keep your baby healthy, happy, and calm, making your parenting experience a great one.

Maintain good personal hygiene practices for your baby to ensure their health and wellbeing. Baths and cleanliness are not an option when it comes to good health.

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