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6 Ways to Decide How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Gifts

So you attended a wedding and purchased a wedding gift and thought that the gift buying was over until you received word that your friend is now pregnant. Now you have to decide what to purchase for the new parents. How much do you have to spend on each gift to appear thoughtful? Well, the answer is simple. We are going to cover some ideas on how you can be a good friend while watching how much money you are spending on baby shower gifts.

Stay on a Budget

The first thing that you should know is that to be comfortable, you have to be able to spend the amount of money that you think that you are comfortable with. If you are on a tight budget, you are going to have to be comfortable with the amount of money that you are going to be spending on each gift. If you have several friends all pregnant at the same time and due around the same time, you have to be considerate of your own pockets while helping to give them the items they want or need.

Receipts? Yes, Please!

Bear in mind that when you are purchasing items for your friends, there will some things that they will receive duplicates of. When this happens, it comes in handy to have the receipts for the items that you have purchased. Be sure to ask the cashier for a gift receipt and include it in the gift bag that you will be giving at the baby shower. The gift receipt will allow the new mom to exchange the item that she either already has or to pick something else out that she needs instead.

Friend or Co-Worker?

The person that you are purchasing a gift for is either your friend or co-worker, the normal that people will spend on the person is usually under $25.00. If it is someone that you barely know from work, but people in the workplace are holding a baby shower, it would be okay to spend under $20 for a stranger to have a baby shower gift. If it is a friend that has been around for a while but has been more distant, the amount of money that you might want to consider spending is just under $25.00.

Relative or Close Friend?

Suppose the person that is the guest of honor at the baby shower is a relative of yours, then you want to spend under $50.00. For those of you on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways that you can save money while saving face. Look for items on the clearance shelves in most of your stores or shop at the local discount stores. This will allow you to purchase more gifts but for less money.

Close Relative or Best Friend?

What if the person that is the guest of honor at the shower is your best friend? How much money do you spend on them? Well, the answer can be vague. How much do you appreciate the person? How close have you been recently with the guest of honor? If you answer either of these questions with a vague answer like your friendship has been recently, you will want to look to spend around $60.00. If the person is someone you speak to often and visit often, then you can go anywhere upwards to a $100.00.

Just remember that whatever gift that you are purchasing for your friend or relative, that you put thought and consideration into the gift. The thought of the gift is far more appreciated than the cost of the gift. If you feel strange showing up with a small gift, you might want to consider purchasing a gift card which will allow the new parents to choose something that they like or need for their baby. When in doubt, always find money or gift cards.


When it comes to being sure how much money to spend or wanting to purchase a larger gift but unsure if you can afford it, look to your friends who will also be attending the baby shower and ask them if they would like to go in on the cost of a gift so that this way they can have the items they need and in the theme choice that they want. The larger gifts can usually be divided among a large number of people who will be putting in the money that they can also afford while still purchasing something that will be appreciated. Always be sure to check the registry, however, to ensure that no one else already purchased the same gift and to make sure that it is the exact one that the parents want.

When it comes to first-time parents, they will find out how easy it is to become overwhelmed with all the new gadgets and items on the market for babies. It can be easy to become confused about the items that are required versus the items that are simply nice to have. When it comes to purchasing gifts for friends and relatives having a baby, consider the items that they will need right off the bat and purchase those items first.

Also, when attending a baby shower, think about purchasing a pack of diapers as an extra item to bring to allow the parents to have a collection of diapers, and since most people will purchase the newborn diapers, think about purchasing the next size or two up. This will allow them to have diapers for a while. Also, if you want to be thoughtful, consider purchasing a diaper cake, and this way, they have a neat centerpiece while taking home the diapers they will need for the new arrival.

No matter what gift you will be bringing to the baby shower, the thought that you put into the gift is going to be what the parents appreciate. Just be sure to get something that you are comfortable purchasing.

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