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How Long Is Paternity Leave?

Surprising Facts About Paid Paternity Leave

Every day around the country, thousands of new parents are being made as children are brought into the world. Many of these parents are excited to spend as much time as possible with their newborn children but unfortunately or unfamiliar with the options that they may have. If you or someone that you know is about to have a child and is interested in learning about paternity leave and other types of parental leave, then you are in the right place. Only 39% of Americans get paid paternity leave, but there are also other types of parental belief that they may be able to take advantage of instead.

What is parental leave mandated by law?

Employers in the United States do have some regulations that mandate paid time off for parents, but they are very few and far between. The small amount of legislation that does exist is found underneath the Family Medical Leave Act. This mandates that parents can receive up to 12 weeks’ worth of unpaid time off from their work after having a child without the threat of job loss. The employer of their own accord will offer anything beyond this. There’s a good chance if you work for a decent company that you do have some type of benefits above this. The only way for you to determine if you do or not is to speak with your human resources department at work.

What types of parental and paternity leave are offered by employers?

Employers in the United States can offer a few different types of paternity for new parents. Some of these types of leave to include pay so that you can continue to earn income while you have taken time off from work. Others are not paid and allow you to take time off from work without losing your job, but you will not receive any kind of income when you are not working. You can also look into your company’s sick and vacation time policies to see if you can qualify for some additional time off and still be paid for it. One final type of leave option is short-term disability. This is a kind of program that allows you to take time off from work if you have some kind of medical issue, and you will continue to receive a portion of your total income.

How To Choose Your Parental Leave Option?

Trying to decide which option will work best for you is going to depend on your current life circumstances. The very first thing that you are going to want to do is go to your human resources department and talk with them about all of the possibilities. Depending on what your company can offer, then you can begin to decide on how to proceed. If you can get paid time off, then that is going to be the best option. Otherwise, you need to look at your finances and see if it is worth it and feasible for you to take time off without receiving pay.

How Long Does Paternity Leave Last?

The family medical leave act only mandates that employers give employees up to 12 weeks’ worth of unpaid time off for the birth of a new child. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to tell you exactly how long your parental leave might last for. Each company is going to have its policies, and even these policies may vary on the position that an employee holds. Ultimately the only way to find out exactly how long your paid parental leave will last is to speak with your human resources department and get the information from them. Unless you are going to be using the family medical leave act, in which case it will only be a maximum of 12 weeks.

What Are The Benefits Of Paternity Leave?

Probably the single largest benefit for new fathers is the ability for them to bond with their children and develop confidence as fathers. Because it is such a big deal and a new step in a person’s life, it can take some time to adjust. If you are stuck at work all day, then it may take you a very long time to adjust and build a bond with your children because you will not be able to stay around them all that often. If you can take time off from work and spend it with them all they then by the time that you must return, you will have a strong bond with your child and feel confident in your ability to provide as a father.

Are There Any Other Options For Paid Parental Leave?

In terms of paid time off whenever you have children, the only real options are going to be through the short-term disability program or from whatever program your current company offers. In some cases, whenever individuals are unable to get enough time off through parental leave policies, they can take advantage of other types of paid time off that their company offers. For example, they could use some of their vacation time or some of their sick time to take more time off while still receiving pay.

Are There Any Other Options For Unpaid Parental Leave?

While there is a mandate from the federal government that requires employers to give their employees a minimum of 12 weeks’ worth of paid time off anytime that they have a newborn child, there are not any of the federal or state government programs to give their citizens additional unpaid time off, but you can negotiate with your company. If you find that you need additional time off and are okay with not receiving pay, then the best thing for you to do would be to go and speak with your supervisor or manager. Whoever is responsible for granting time off should be able to give you additional time off without pay if they are willing to work with you.

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